domenica 11 dicembre 2016

Blind Channel Band gig. Reportage.

Last saturday, two members of RQL staff went to the concert of the great Blind Channel band in Bar Loose in Helsinki. It has been an amazing evening with the band really at its top. The set-list started with 'My revolution', one of their most energetic song and it went on with tunes like 'Unforgiven', ' Bullet (with your name on it) 'and many more. During the show we have been also treated with a real gem, the violent-pop version of Ed Sheeran's 'Don't'. Blind Channel ( as we already stated a few times here or here ) are really a great band, with good music and an obvious love for what they do. After the show we even had the chance to meet the band and talk with them: kind, down on earth young men who are committed with their music and fans. Not even to say, since last saturday I keep finding myself singing one of their tunes, so if you have the chance I strongly advise you to go and see them live, they are sure worth it !

Here some pictures of the show :

Have a wonderful and lovely evening !!
-Gaia Putrino

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