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"Revolutions" : Blind Channel album review and interview

Hi Dear listeners and readers !!

This web site has been quiet for too long, so here we are with the review and a short interview about the amazing Blind Channel band (who we have interviewed some months ago here the link ) debut album which was realised a bit over a month ago.

We had the chance to see the Blind Channel band back in the end of May when they were opening for the canadian band Simple Plan in Helsinki. Since that It has been quite hard to stop listening to their music. Their performances are an incredible thing, we were eagerly waiting for their debut album, and it's finally out. Listening to "Revolutions" it is like walking in the forest , in the dark, your heart beating fast while you are running for the light.

"Revolutions" it's a violent pop with some sparks of rap and electro full lenght album, every song it's lyirical but obsessive, deep and energetic, the pounding rythm is the perfect soudtrack for your personal revolution, the one you are fighting everyday to purse your dreams.

The album it's AMAZING. You all must listen to it !!!!

But now let's have a chat with the boys :

Hey Guys,

1)So your Debut album "Revolutions" was released a few weeks ago, which is the feeling ?
1) The feeling is awesome and a little bit relieved as we've been working on this so hard. It has been great to hear that people really liked the album. 'Revolutions' has got a lot of attention and pretty good reviews too.

2)It's a full leght album, how long have you worked on it ?

2) Making of ’Revolutions' was a huge process that took almost two years. We wanted to do it very carefully because it is our debut album and we wanted the best result.

3)From where the name "Revolutions" come from ?

3) We were brainstorming about the name of our album when we came up with the idea of the song. The revolution theme is a big deal to us and to our fans. We present revolution as something every person has inside of them. It’s like asking "What’s your dream?" but instead we wanna know "what’s your revolution?" What you are willing to fight for.

4)Which is your favorite song from the album ?

4) I think we all have our personal favorites from the album but maybe one of our all favorites is 'Enemy For Me' just because it's so crazy and wild when we're playing it live. We are very happy with the outcome of 'Revolutions' so it's really hard to decide what's really our favorite track from it.

5)How if going the tour so far ?

5) The touring has been pure awesomeness! There haven't ever been so many fans before at these gigs and we're very excited about what the future brings. The ’Revolutions' Tour continues 3.11. in Kuopio and it will end 3.12. in Helsinki.

6)Is everything going as you expected (the album, the tour.....) ?

6) Everything has gone as we had thought and of course this was just the first big step of our band so there are many many cool things still to come!

Thank you so much guys !!! Can't wait to see you live in Helsinki the 3rd of December !!!!

You can find the album on :

Levykauppa AX & I tunes & Spotify




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