lunedì 28 novembre 2016

Mellow Mood - Dance inna Babylon (videoclip)

You probably know My doughter Gaia has a radio show on sunday ( Back & Forth ). Yesterday this Mellow Mood song was on her playlist and I liked it a lot. It was especially nice to find out that they're italians and the two vocalists are twins, which is always quite fun since I have twin boys myself :)

...Me just can't try to fight that all only with me hands
but with you here, with no fear, I know it could be better
and I always know where we a come from
and I'll fight till Jah keep me so strong!

Dance inna Babylon, until its throne a fall
I and I who see teachings of the Rastaman,
Back inna the yard living gets so hard,
Never play the game of a politician ....

Great lyrics. So many time I feel like that, I can't fight it all with my hands and I also rely on Jah fighting at my side. Alone I'm never enough.
Have a lovely week my beloved.
Let's dance the wicked ones away

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