mercoledì 30 novembre 2016

Youssou N'Dour - 7 Seconds ft. Neneh Cherry

I totally forgot about this song ( 7 second,Youssou N'Dour and Neneh Cherry ) until this morning. I was probably 18 when it was released ( it was 1994 if I'm not wrong ) and I used to dance my evenings away in my room ... now I'm forty and beside finding this song still so beautiful I can really appreciate more the lyrics

...And when a child is born into this world
It has no concept
Of the tone the skin it's living in..

lunedì 28 novembre 2016

Skrillex & Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley - Make It Bun Dem

Today is a beautiful sunny day in the far north. Shining sun means freezing temperatures at this latitudes, but i'd take this anyday in the dark winter. Today's song is one of my favourite and I love the video too.It makes me think of what is happening in north Dakota, to the Native people and water protectors over there. People in prayer peacefully fighting the wicked and protecting our God given planet. I wish I had the means to go over there and stand at their side, as all I do here sitting seems so petty and small and inadequate. Everyday complains become almost unbearable compared to what is happing worldwide.

Have a good day fighters

Mellow Mood - Dance inna Babylon (videoclip)

You probably know My doughter Gaia has a radio show on sunday ( Back & Forth ). Yesterday this Mellow Mood song was on her playlist and I liked it a lot. It was especially nice to find out that they're italians and the two vocalists are twins, which is always quite fun since I have twin boys myself :)

...Me just can't try to fight that all only with me hands
but with you here, with no fear, I know it could be better
and I always know where we a come from
and I'll fight till Jah keep me so strong!

Dance inna Babylon, until its throne a fall
I and I who see teachings of the Rastaman,
Back inna the yard living gets so hard,
Never play the game of a politician ....

Great lyrics. So many time I feel like that, I can't fight it all with my hands and I also rely on Jah fighting at my side. Alone I'm never enough.
Have a lovely week my beloved.
Let's dance the wicked ones away

sabato 26 novembre 2016

Tiken Jah Fakoly - Get Up, Stand Up ft. U-Roy

For all those around the world fighting the good fight, this sunday is for you.
Thinking to the oppressed, to the protectors, to the shunned, to the migrants. Thinking to all of you this morning while sitting here typing.

...Preacher man, don't tell me
Heaven is under the earth
I know you don't know
What life is really worth
It's not all that glitters is gold
Half the story has never been told
And now you see the light
You stand up for your rights

Get up, stand up, stand up for your rights!
Get up, stand up, don't give up the fight! ...

I'm with you <3

venerdì 25 novembre 2016

Bob Marley - One Love (MUSIC VIDEO)

This morning I got up in a very good mood. Yesterday we had three friends coming for pizza, we shared laughs and tales and cups. This morning as I entered in the dark kitchen I noticed a familiar glow coming from outside and there it is ! The gift of snow to light up the darkest of the seasons ! The rain had washed all of it away leaving us litterally in a muddy neverending night but now we have it back, at least a little of it and I really hope it will last for a while. So I felt the urge to listen to a song that could reflect my feelings

...One love, one heart
Let's get together and feel all right
As it was in the beginning (one love)
So shall it be in the end (one heart)
Alright, give thanks and praise to the Lord and I will feel all right
Let's get together and feel all right...

Togetherness is such a precious gift.
Have a friend-filled day beloved

giovedì 24 novembre 2016

Tiken Jah Fakoly - Le prix du paradis

Today is one of those days in which I wake up with this feeling of worthlessness upon me. I look at my life and I feel like I'm not doing enough. Not enough for my immediate family, not enough for my human family, not enough for the world we're living in. I feel like all I'm doing is sitting here, letting this governement or the other treat me as a puppet, granting me a few priviledges for my compliancy, poor enough to feel like I need 'em but rich enough to not get mad and 'out of it'.I think welfare was invented to keep human in a constant state of numbness, in which we don't feel anymore like we belong to each other for our needs and to feel like we don't any real power to change our life unless we have ' higher powers' helping us ( and I'm not talking about spiritual powers, in which I totally believe and have faith ). So it came to my mind this wonderful song of Tiken Jah Fakoly​ '' le prix du paradis'' (the price of heaven)
...Tout le monde veut le paradis
mais personne ne veut payer le prix ...
...Everybody wants heaven on earth
but nobody want to pay the price ...
the translation is kinda goofy, but I think gives you the idea. Well I feel like that today. Hopefully this feeling will serve as a fuel to roll up my sleeves and start working.

Have a purposeful day my beloved <3 <3

Bob Marley - Africa Unite Live @ Santa Barbara '79

Good day lovely people. Just a couple of days ago here at home we were talking about Africa Unite. We had the privilege to see Julian Marley perfom it live last summer and it has been one of the most emotional moments of the show. So when this morning I found this Bob Marley live video I felt it was the right way to start the day. Bob Marley has been a real prophet. He speaks powerful truths and he brought the positive message of RastafarI really at the four corners of the earth. An angel of Jah. The lyrics of this song are so beautiful and deep and I really hope one day to see Africa unite itself as one people, and african take care of their wonderful land, getting rid of all the western exploitation and 'unwanted helper'. I do believe Africa is the promised land, I wish one day I'll visit there.
...Africa unite
'Cause we're moving right out of Babylon
And we're going to our Father's land
How good and how pleasant it would be
Before God and man, yeah
To see the unification of all Africans, yeah
As it's been said already
Let it be done, yeah
We are the children of the Rastaman
We are the children of the Iyaman
So, Africa unite
'Cause the children (Africa unite) wanna come home, yeah
Africa unite...
One Love, One Aim, One destiny <3 <3 <3

lunedì 21 novembre 2016

Derajah - The Time Is Now (Official Music Video) October 2016

It is maybe this strange season. We went from the lightful whiteness of snow back to the darkness of heavy rainy days and this makes me really emotional. I read news from North Dakota, I read news from Syria and Afghanistan, I'm traslating books about the Coral Garden atrocity, and I find myself shaking my head in dispair about the painful condition of us human beings. Painful not because of our own mortality, painful because we let our life pass by without commitments and mostly without the sacred sense of love for our fellow humans and for this wonderful world we've been given. If love would rule the world, that would be the only kind of 'money' needed. Taking care for one another because we're desperately in love with one another, because we can see how beautiful our brothers and sisters in the human family are, with their differences. We love the feathers of birds, so colorful, but we despise the differences in colors of human skin. We teach our children which sound the different animals produce or their different abilities or way of living, but we don't teach our children to love their fellows because of the same reasons, because they're walking a different path of faith, they are talking a different language, they are living their life differently. So I want to use the words of Derajah song: THE TIME IS NOW. Really. Today is the best day ever to change our attitude from indifference ( or even hate) to love.
One Perfect Love <3 Have a good day

venerdì 18 novembre 2016

Oh Lord - The Abyssinians live in France

I think those who read my daily ramblings have understood my insane love for the good ol' roots reggae. I'm so in love with all the elders still traveling the world bringing the message of love and unity at the four corners of the earth, I'm amazed by their strenght, a strenght that comes from their pure faith and heart. The Abyssinians are among the most dear to me. So I found this rather recent live and loved it. I love to see the beautiful faces of the I-ncients litterally beaming with love and joy. So much to learn from them. Give thanks everyday for the elders.
....Unity and love, should bind us, together
For the love of money
We fight against each other
I'll try my best
To live good, with my brothers, yes I will....
...(Forgiveness is clean and pure)
The prophecies says
You must forgive, seventy times seven
(Forgiveness is clean and pure)
For this I'll try my best, to forgive, my brother
And nevertheless
You should forgive, one another, yes it's true...
One Perfect Love people

giovedì 17 novembre 2016

Hempress Sativa - Fight for Your RIghts

Powerful is the first word that crossed my mind when I first heard Hempress Sativa . And then I thought that she truly is an Empress in her strenght. It is incredible to me how it is possible that the african diaspora it is still a sort of untold truth and that Africa it is still exploited and colonized by 'western' powers of any sort leaving its people in dispair, while here there are still lovers which think that exchanging a golden and diamond ring can ever being considered an act of love. Babylon will never teach the truth to the young ones and we will keep growing up with very little consciousness, with a long way to go to learn how the reality really is

Ziggy Marley And The Melody Makers '' Tomorrow People''

Memories ... If memory serves me well 'Tomorrow people' was released in 1988. At the time I was 12, I bought the single (we're talking about those glorious 45 rpm vinyls ) and I still have it somewhere. Today reading the lyrics is kind fun and bitter sweet. Almost 30 years later ''Tomorrow people where is your past'' brings me back to the big record store that happened to be really close to my place and where I did spend a lot of time and my pocket money. It brings me back to the shelf that was on the right, with the last singles. It brings back the smell of the vinyl records.That was my past, or a part of it. And now at almost 41 I see the young me buying this song at the beginning of a long road that brought me here where i am today. And the young me dancing at this tune and singing it out loud in my room asking that question not thinking that one day I could have given the answer is like a 'back to the future' moment.At that time I didn't know that we're all 'tomorrow people'' in a way.
Have the most blessed day people out there. One Big Perfect Love.

domenica 13 novembre 2016

Thousand miles away : Zabihullah journey

The first snow has just fallen when we meet Zabihullah Nikzad in front of a hot cup of black tea. We wished to know more about the journey which brought him and many other brothers and sisters in the human community all the way here in Europe, and in his case, to Loviisa. Here it is his story.

 Zabihullah is a 23 years old young man from Afghanistan, he used to live in the Ghazni  province, in a smaller village, where he studied  Persian literature in University. If we can find the beginning of Zabihullah journey, we have to go back in time a few years when, still in Afghanistan,  he was just an high school student interested in defending human rights, and later in defending women's rights. With a  group of talented women he started a small organization in which he led the culture departement. They used to organize training course and conferences and workshops for women. At that point the situation in Afghanistan became more insecure and they started receiving pressures and even threating to stop their activities. As it often happens, Zabihullah and his co-workers didn't want to take that too seriously and just kept doing their things but at some point the pressures became more strong and they were forced to stop all their activities. It was at this point that Zabihullah friends started telling him to take the threats more seriously and considering to leave at least the province if not the country. His friends helped him financially to allow him to flee the country in order to save his own life.
The first step in his journey was to fly to Iran.But once in Iran he didn't really have a way to go on and reach Turkey and then other countries all the way to Europe. He stayed there for a very short time, not more than 4 days.  He spent the few days in Iran trying to find help to go on and in the end he had to rely on the 'help' of human smugglers. They brought him and others from Teheran to the border and left them in a forest, waiting. Two cars eventually showed up and picked up the group, not to make them cross the boarder, but to kidnap all of them. It seems a very common happening in those areas near the border, groups of people kidnapping fugitives and trying to obtain the phone number of their families to ask for money. But Zabihullah and all the others, wisely denied to have any family left in their country and didn't give any number to them and after a few days locked in a small and dark room, they've been released and left  in a forest waiting for someone again. After a while, human smugglers came and pick them up and drove them near the border. When they arrived there it was evening, they waited until dark and then they started walking. They had to climb on mountain Ararat and cross the border from there. The hike took something like 16 hours and then they arrived in Turkey. They went first to Van and then to Ankara and finally to Istanbul.
Once in Istanbul, Zabihullah and his companions had to look again for someone to bring them to Greece. Again it was human smugglers that offered to them their 'services' and promised to bring them to Greece 'Without any problem in very good facilities'. First they've been carried to Izmir and then they've been placed on a rubber boat . 80 persons from many different places, as Syria, Pakistan, Afganistan, were in that same rubber boat. Also mothers with young children. All that they could do was standing up, since there was no room not even to sit. When they were in the open sea the rubber boat started having serious problems and water started filling it. Women and children were crying. Everybody took off backpacks and jackets just to be ready to sink and try to swim for life even if most of the people couldn't actually swim, coming from places where there's no sea or rivers were to actually learn how to swim. When everything looked for the worse, fortunately Turkish seaguards arrived and saved them and took them back to Izmir in some police station. There, people from Syria were free to go, but all the others, from Afganistan, Iran, Pakistan had to serve a few days in jail because their countries are considered safe, the worse situation was for Iran and Pakistan people, they had to serve 1 month in jail and then being deported back to their homecountry. Afganistan people only had to be one week in jail and then they had papers which gave them permission to stay in Turkey for one month. For Zabihullah and his companions it started all over again. Back to Istanbul, looking for human smugglers, finding them and being told again '' To Greece without any problems in very good facilities''. So first they were carried again from Istanbul to Izmir, but on their way they met a turkish police check-point and the human smugglers didn't stop, so there were gun shots and one of the refugees was shot too. After they run away, Zabihullah and the other people have been again left alone waiting for someone to pick them up and continue their journey. But after one night waiting they relized nobody would have come because there was too much police around.So they just started walking to find their way. They kept walking for one whole day and when the night came again they were so worn they just stopped somewhere to get a few hours sleep. But soon after a few men armed with guns showed up and started talking in turkish to them. They couldn't understand what they were saying, but they knew that also in that area there were a lot of kidnappers trying to get easy money upon the fugitives. So since Zabihullah and the other already had experienced that, they just run away, while the kidnappers tried to shoot them and run after them. In the end they make it to a town and got a bus ticket to go back to Istanbul. Once again they found a person who could help them and again they were carried to Izmir, and during the night they crossed the sea on a rubber boat and arrived to Lesvos. The arrival in Lesvos brought great joy to the small group of young men. Zabihullah told us they met in Iran and the five of them experienced all of this always together,but later on, when they arrived to Germany they parted their ways.
In Lesvos there is a huge camp for refugees and they could finally have some rest in a tent. After one day Zabihullah got in contact with an english doctor and started immediately helping out since he was one of the few Afghans speaking english, so he could translate for others. But then the journey of the five friends started again, first they arrived in Athens, then in Makedonia where they've been taken care for from the United Nation people, so from that moment the trip was very fast, from a train to another one to refugees camps all the way through Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria and then to Germany. Once in Germany the small group of five friends parted their ways, someone wanted to stay in Germany, someone wanted to go Switzerland. Zabihullah after talking with some volunteers back in Greece, decided to come in Finland since finnish policy for refugees is quite good now and the living conditions are better. So from Germany he left for Danemark and from there he arrived in Malmo, in Sweden. There he was asked by the police at the border where he wanted to go, but when he declared he wanted to go in Finland he got the news that because of some kind of agreement between Sweden and Finland, they don't let anybody cross the border to Finland. So Zabihullah was sent back to Danemark and from there all the way back to Germany. But after just a couple of days he decided at least to go to Sweden, which was more suitable for him. So again he traveled to Danemark and then again to Sweden to arrive once again in Malmo where he met the police again and declared that it was fine to stay in Sweden. So he was carried to the refugee camp in Malmo. There he had the chance to talk with some people and let them know that his original wish was to reach Finland. After some talking they said they would let him go to Finland. So he went to Stockholm and took a train to Haparanda. Once there the finnish police brought him into the police station. They interviewed him about his journey and he had to stay in the police station for a couple of nights and finally he came by bus in the south to arrive in Loviisa area. All the trip took about 40 days. Zabihullah has been living in the Loviisa camp now for one year. He has very few possibilities to be in contact with his family, back in Afghanistan, and still he has not being granted with the official 'refugee' status, which means that after all his efforts, he might be deported back to his country, where his own life would be at risk. Now he dreams to go on with his life in this new country. He wish to go back in university, but his life is still 'on hold' . Not easy for an active and brilliant young man. Now he spends his waiting time trying to be of help to other refugees, to create connections with the new community they are living in, to help women to feel at home in this new place. Zabihullah we are very proud of you and we wish you all the best, to fullfill your dreams and pursue the bright future you deserve.

Flavia Maldarizzi

mercoledì 2 novembre 2016

"Revolutions" : Blind Channel album review and interview

Hi Dear listeners and readers !!

This web site has been quiet for too long, so here we are with the review and a short interview about the amazing Blind Channel band (who we have interviewed some months ago here the link ) debut album which was realised a bit over a month ago.

We had the chance to see the Blind Channel band back in the end of May when they were opening for the canadian band Simple Plan in Helsinki. Since that It has been quite hard to stop listening to their music. Their performances are an incredible thing, we were eagerly waiting for their debut album, and it's finally out. Listening to "Revolutions" it is like walking in the forest , in the dark, your heart beating fast while you are running for the light.

"Revolutions" it's a violent pop with some sparks of rap and electro full lenght album, every song it's lyirical but obsessive, deep and energetic, the pounding rythm is the perfect soudtrack for your personal revolution, the one you are fighting everyday to purse your dreams.

The album it's AMAZING. You all must listen to it !!!!

But now let's have a chat with the boys :

Hey Guys,

1)So your Debut album "Revolutions" was released a few weeks ago, which is the feeling ?
1) The feeling is awesome and a little bit relieved as we've been working on this so hard. It has been great to hear that people really liked the album. 'Revolutions' has got a lot of attention and pretty good reviews too.

2)It's a full leght album, how long have you worked on it ?

2) Making of ’Revolutions' was a huge process that took almost two years. We wanted to do it very carefully because it is our debut album and we wanted the best result.

3)From where the name "Revolutions" come from ?

3) We were brainstorming about the name of our album when we came up with the idea of the song. The revolution theme is a big deal to us and to our fans. We present revolution as something every person has inside of them. It’s like asking "What’s your dream?" but instead we wanna know "what’s your revolution?" What you are willing to fight for.

4)Which is your favorite song from the album ?

4) I think we all have our personal favorites from the album but maybe one of our all favorites is 'Enemy For Me' just because it's so crazy and wild when we're playing it live. We are very happy with the outcome of 'Revolutions' so it's really hard to decide what's really our favorite track from it.

5)How if going the tour so far ?

5) The touring has been pure awesomeness! There haven't ever been so many fans before at these gigs and we're very excited about what the future brings. The ’Revolutions' Tour continues 3.11. in Kuopio and it will end 3.12. in Helsinki.

6)Is everything going as you expected (the album, the tour.....) ?

6) Everything has gone as we had thought and of course this was just the first big step of our band so there are many many cool things still to come!

Thank you so much guys !!! Can't wait to see you live in Helsinki the 3rd of December !!!!

You can find the album on :

Levykauppa AX & I tunes & Spotify