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Softengine Interview

Hello Dear listeners and readers,

Well yes, sometimes dreams come true. About two weeks ago we had the chance to interview the great Topi Latukka from Softengine band, in Sony Music offices in Helsinki. This has been an amazing experience, you know one of those experience that are really really hard to forget. The interview was on air a few weeks ago, in case you lost it keep on reading :).

Before starting : a HUGE thanks to Topi and Tommi (the manager) for their kindess.

Hello Topi,

How are you ?

-Hello, hello.... I'm fine thanks

Would you like to introduce yourself and the other members of the band to the listeners ?

-We are softengine, we are Topi, Tuomo, Henri, Ossi

The band was formed in 2011, how did you guys meet ?

-I think I met Henri, when we were 9 years old in some music school, we were studying theory one year; after that I haven't seen him in ten years then one night in a club called Karma in Seinajoki, I've met him again we had a fun night, he told that he was still playing piano and stuff so I invited him to the band. I've met Ossi when I was 10, I had a band called Dimention, and I invited him to play but we kicked him out because he wasn't so good in playing guitar. I felt bad about that so I did a new band called Softengine and I invited him to play, that's how I met Ossi. I think I've met Tuomo when we were in High School. We had this sideproject it was like a humor band, it was like a deth metal band, I asked him to play the drum there

Why did you choose the name Softengine ? Who came up with the name ?

-We were eating Kebab in the middle of rehersals, we had a lot's of names. Our old drummer came up with the name Softengine, everyone was like "yeah sounds cool" and describe our music somehow.

In 2014 you won the Uuden Musikki Kilpailu, how was that experience ?

-Feels like I was a different man, those memories are so foggy, I don't remeber that much about that time. What I remeber is that was fun, we had so much fun, it was exciting, we were over excited that we weren't even nervous when we were playing, we were a band from the cellar and we went straight in front 180 millions people, it was something from a different world

In Uuden Musikki Kilpailu and in Eurovision you performed Something Better, would you like to tell us something about this song ?

-It was our first big song, people has been telling that has been our best song, I think is just like the others, actually this was our first real single.

Are you all involved in writing the lyrics and the music ?

-Well we do some music together, I do most of it alone and we write the music with Henri

Where do you get inspiration for your music ?

-Well, when I walk in the nature I feel more inspired, if I see something moving I I'll be more inspired. If I'm just in the cellar with my computer I don't have anything in my mind, so I have to go out, do something.

Which is your favorite song among yours ?

-My favorite one is The Sirens

So your new single was realised a couple of weeks ago, It's called Free Rider. We heard it and is amazing, would you like to tell us something about it ?

-It's a tempo rock song, coming from somewhere in my dark deep mind, it's a strange song, really different from the others we did, you should listen to it.

We know there's a new album on it's way, what can we exepect from it ?

-It's more like a story telling album or EP, we are not sure if we are going to put those EPs together, but there will be like story. You will see.

You were fetured in Robin's song Salamatie, how was collaborating with him ?

-It was fun, it was easy. Robin is a nice guy.

If you could choose someone to feture in one of your songs, who would it be ?

-I would choose Jared Leto, he's been my idol for my whole life.

Where can our listeners buy your music and reach you on social medias ?

On Facebook as Softengine
On Instagram as Softengineofficial 
On Twitter as Softengineband
And on our web-site

You can find our music on Spotify and I-tunes

Do you have any gigs coming soon ?

-Actually we are having a little break at the moment, cause we are writing songs, but we will be back on stage soon.  

So this was the interview, I'm so happy that we as radio had the chance to meet and interview this amazing guy.  I'm linking here below Free Rider by Softengine, you must listen to it !!! :)

Thank you for reading ! Have a nice evening !!



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