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Shem Reggae interview !!!!

Greetings to everybody dear people out there ! Fall is here and darker and colder days have definetly made their official entrance in our lives, so we really felt the need to bring some light, love and music to this page and we did it through the interview with our dear brother Shem, a great artist and a humble and righteous man. Here you go dear readers !

Hello Shem, would you like to introduce yourself for our listeners and readers ?

  My name is Shem and I am a reggae artist. I live in Australia

Would you like to tell us something about your background ?

I was born in Fiji, and attended schools in England and Canada before settling in Australia when I got my calling to do Jah works

When did you start playing and singing ?

I started writing songs when I was quite young, roun 8 or 9 years old. I found that I had a natural ability to put music and lyrics together in a way that seemed to fit. I pursued this art that Jah gave me and I started my first band called “Crucial Riddim” wen I was 19

Which instruments can you play ?

Well I always consider Iself as a singer/songwriter foremost and the instruments I play is more from the heart, but I perform and can play guitar and keyboards

Why you make music and which messages you bring forth through it ?

The reason I do my music is not something that I chose but something that I was called to do by The Almighty. You see, Jah will chose the right people at the right time to do those works that he wants done. So I was given a certain knowledge and called to do a certain educating and enlightening, and my music is simply the vehicle to achieve that purpose. The messages are simply about the real way of life that was intended for mankind and the true purpose for everyone and the truth about God. The truth is quite simple but mankind complicates it. I’m bringing it back to the basics of Rastafari, which simply means “All that is good”.  Its about the original teachings for all mankind to find their purpose and true happiness. When you look aroun the world today, you can overstand why we need that true direction

Where you draw your inspiration from ?

My inspiration comes from God. When I was a child I had a plaque on my wall that read “God’s gift to you is Life, what you do with it is your gift back to God”.  As a 9 year old child, this resonated with me and made me realise what we are meant to do with our life. But when I looked around, I saw people living corruptedly and I didn’t overstand how this could be paying God back for giving them life. People seemed to go to church on Sunday but then act totally different on the other days of the week. I didn’t understand this so I told God that I would just wait for him to tell me the truth and I would follow, because even as a child I had this deep urge to be Godly with everything I do. Then one day I heard a guy called Bob Marley and this changed my existence. I started a spiritual journey picking up and absorbing seeds, and this has lead to where I am today.

How central is your faith in your life and in your art ?

My faith and my life and my art are one and the same. It has to be a one thing. I must practice what I preach otherwise I am a hypocrite. So I live what I sing about and I teach my family the same and we are all one, together strong and aiming for all that is good in our thinking and doing. I live it and breathe it and I sing it and teach it

Tell us something about ''The Wailers experience'', an amazing album with an amazing story behind.

Michael Jordan was on the Oprah show once and he was asked if he dreamed of becoming a famous basketball player when he was young, and his response was. “There’s no point dreaming. Just do the right thing and everything that is due to you will be bestowed upon you”. So maybe it was due to me to have this experience because I did nothing to achieve it except be a good, Jahful person. However I was asked this question by the press recently and the actual lead up to The Wailers experience can be read about by going to this link

Which are your plans for the future ? Are you working on some new tunes ?

I have no plans and its only Jah plan that I follow but I have been instructed to take this teaching everywhere which I am doing. A new album will be coming out next year and I am constantly meditating on new material for there is much that needs to be said.

Where our listeners and readers can follow you ? (social media, web-sites ) Where can we buy your music ?

The website is
Follow us on Instagram and Facebook (Shem Reggae)
“The Wailers experience” and future albums will be available on Itunes and if you prefer a CD, then all CD’s will be available online at my daughter’s etsy site. She does hand-made, home-made, cruelty free products, crystals, jewellery etc and my record label is collaborating with her and making our CD’s available on that site. It is currently in the final stages of being set up, so if you keep in tough wit me on Facebook, I will let everyone know when it’s up and runnin
Peace and love to all, and Praise Almighty Jah

Thank you Shem for taking your time to answer to our questions, blessings of peace and joy to you and to our dearest readers !

Pictures : courtesy from Shem
Interview : Flavia Maldarizzi (Sunshine Dread)

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