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Ras Sparrow interview !!!

 Greetings to all dear listeners and readers ! How are you doing ? I'm more than fine, writing from Rovaniemi, as you can see yours truly is always thinking of you even when on the road ! But here we are with a new amazing interview with a really talented brother : Ras Sparrow !!!

-Hello ! Would you like to introduce yourself to our listeners\readers ?  

 Yes I ! Greetings and love ! Ras Sparrow talking to ya!   Big thanks to Radio Queen Loviisa
 for having me! 

-Which have been the most important influences in your life ?

Nature and the love supreme are my greatest influences on a daily basis.  Love is the foundation of all things and nature it's purest manifestation.  

-How central is your faith in your life, in music, in your art ?

Faith plays a major role in my life and music.  You see music is somewhat like faith in the sense that you can't see it but you can feel it! Faith is what gets me through hard times and what allows me give thanks for all the blessings of Jah.

-Who, or what, made you say ' I want to make music ' ?

From an early age I have been very much moved by music.  There weren't any musicians in the house but everyone in the family loved music and music was constantly playing.  So I suppose I was just inspired to make that rhythm and sound I so much loved to listen to.

-Where you draw your inspiration from ? Tell us something about your creative process.

To be alive is inspiration! Everyday living, the struggles, the accomplishments. You can find inspiration in all situations and surroundings.  Even in tough times I try to draw inspiration and convert that negative into a positive.

-When did you start playing and which instruments can you play ?

Well, I started playing the four-stringed venezuelan "cuatro" when I was just a kid, about 11 I think.  I then quickly moved on to the guitar which I consider my main instrument. I also play bass, drums, keyboards, percussion, and do all my own recording and production. 

-Which messages you take forth with your music ?

The message is one of faith, hope, justice, equality, and above all LOVE! 

-On 2008 you released your first production 'Sovereign People'. Would you like to talk about that first project ?

After releasing the song "Good Seed" as a single in 2005 and having it hit #1 on Hawaiian radio stations I decided to produce a full album. "Sovereign People" was recorded at different locations in Hawaii including my own Studio One Love and did all of the mixing and mastering there as well with very minimal studio equipment.  

-Is it true that your studio (One Love Studio) is powered by solar energy ? This is fantastic !

Yes I !  Studio One Love is my small solar-powered recording studio nestled in the hills of Puna, Hawaii. I lived on the Big island of Hawai'i for many years and consider it my second home. Live aloha!!! 

-Let's talk about your new single 'Lion in a cage '. I could listen to it over and over, it is so powerful and speaks some important truths.

"Lion in a Cage" is a song about the struggle we all face in these troubled times and a call to "rise above the lies and confusion."  I wrote and recorded it in Caracas, Venezuela which is my birthplace and current home alongside the Judahland Band and La Makeda on female vocals.  It is a song of sufferation and redemption. "Free from the cage now, my help it comes from Zion!"

-Are you on tour now ? Have you ever visited Europe ?

There is a tour of Brasil coming up before the end of this year which I am really looking forward to.  I have yet to reach Europe but Jah willing I will get to visit in the future.  My music seems to be picking up more and more everyday over there, something for which I am very thankful for! 

-What are your plans for the future?

To continue living in a positive manner and keep making music for the mind, body, and soul! 

-Where our listeners and readers can follow you and buy your music ? (social media, web-site ... )

Official Page:

Thank you so much Ras Sparrow for giving us the chance to know you better, but mostly thank you for your music and beautiful soul. Jah Bless you !

Flavia Maldarizzi

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