giovedì 8 settembre 2016

Cimorelli interview.

Hei Listeners & Readers, today I'm back with a new amazing interview. I happy to host here in our web-site the fantastic Cimorelli sisters. It's an honor for us to host them here.

Hello Cimorelli sisters :

Would you like to talk a little about your big family ?

We love having a big family! It's so much fun having so many siblings and so many fun things going on. It's a blast and we hang out together all the time.

How and when the Cimorelli group started ?

We started in 2007 when we lived in Northern California. Christina, our oldest sister, was the one who had the idea. She is the leader of our band and it was always her dream to do a band.

You did a lot of covers, which one is your favorite ?

We really like the cover we did of Problem! It was a lot of fun to make and the fans love it. We shot it around Malibu, where we used to live.

With six sisters on stage, what does it feel like ?

It feels amazing! We all feed off of each other's energy and we truly love performing together. Also, because we are sisters, we can pretty much read each other's minds.

You released an album a few months ago, UP AT NIGHT, would you like to tell us something about the album ?

We wrote every song on the album. Christina and Lisa arranged all the harmonies. Dani and I (Katherine) wrote the intro on the inside of the album cover, and Dani designed the album booklet! We really put our heart and soul into that album. All the songs came from the heart and we are very proud of it!

Which is your favorite song from the album ?

We all have different favorites. My favorites are Acid Rain and Sunsets and Heartbreak!

If you could choose an singer/band to perform with, who would it be ?

We really like Sam Hunt! A big country artist would be fun.

You are going to tour Europe this fall, what do you expect from this tour and from your european fans ?

We toured Europe last year and we are SO excited to go back!! The fans there are so passionate and so amazing, we can't wait to go back and see them! The show is always very emotional. There is a deep connection between us and the fans that is very powerful.

Have you ever been to Finland ? Would you like to come ?

No we haven't, but yes we would really like to come! We have always wanted to go to Finland!

Which are your plans for the future ?

We have some very exciting new projects coming out this fall. We feel so inspired and creative lately, we can't wait for the fans to experience these new projects.

Where the listeners can buy your music and follow you on social medias ?

Snapchat: itscimorelli

Thanks for having us!! 
So this was the interview, I'm so happy that I had the chance to host these amazing girls on our web-site. Continue like this girls you are super !!!
I'm linking here one of my favorite Cimorelli songs, be sure to check it out cause it's fantastic :)

Bless you all




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