mercoledì 10 agosto 2016

Loviisan Rauhan-Foorumi 2016

If we could have shared with the whole world the feeling that permeated our small town during the three days of Loviisa Peace Forum, the world could have lived, at least for three days, the dream or the hope of peace on earth.
During the Peace Forum the boudaries of language, nationality, belief, were torn apart, replaced by love, understanding, friendship and a dash of curiosity for each other's background. As local radio we feel so blessed to have had the chance to follow step by step the events, working alongside the organizers, wonderful people whose tireless work brought in our town three days filled with events but mostly with love.
The forum started on friday evening with the opening ceremony in Almintalo, saturday was a heartwarming, events-filled day, with the market of possibilities, music and dance in Laivasilta and the moving and impressing candle procession.
 But pictures will tell you the story of the Loviisa Peace Forum 2016 better than I could ever do.

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