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Julian Marley interview !!!!

Hello lovely friends ! How are you ? We're really busy these days, happily busy I'd say with so many great events we've been involved in and in the next days you'll see all the evidences on this web-site, but now, today, we're here to give you another gem from our adventure in Sweden: the interview with Julian Marley !
After the show Gaia and I have been reached by the two super kind and professional tour menagers Isabelle Messer and Marco Palian. Both of them were very caring with us and took us under their wings, guiding us in the back stage. At that point we were really worned out by three days of traveling and the whole day spent hanging around the venue, and we were also quite worried about the rest of our family waiting outside for hours ( Sweden has strange age limits for concerts ... ). So we just sat on the stairs with all our gear on our lap looking quite patetic probably. At that point the band arrived. Owen Dreadie Reid, the bass player, stopped in front of us and smiled and invited us to join all the people in the dressing rooms area. We followed him and stopped in line after the rest of the people. In a few seconds he was back to us, asking if we were there for the interview and telling us we looked so tired ( keep in mind this man was just out from more than two hours on stage ! And he was worried for us ) offering us the sofa in the band dressing room to rest, while we waited for Julian. He sat with us talking and really looking concerned about the rest of our family and amazed that we had traveled all the way from Finland just for the interview. Such a lovely, humble and caring soul we will hardly forget.
Finally we got to meet Julian. He looked really tired, but again a smiling, humble man was in front of us, asking questions about us and telling us he was ready for our interview. you go people ! Read it carefully because this man has a big heart and soul and speak words that should be read and kept in mind, really !

-You are a devout rastafari, how central is your faith in your life and how it reflects on your music ?

Well, when we say Rastafari we talk about God, Rastafari means God; so God has a very big impact, because we wouldn't be here. He is the first and the last. A very great impact in life and in the music. I see myself as a messanger of Rastafari, so we bring the message in music. There is the music and the message from Rastafari: one connection.

-The gift of music runs in your family indeed. Through your beloved father to you and your brothers. How does it feel to be part of all this ?

It feels great, very humbling, to know that you are a part of something that is so very special to humanity. So for me it is humbling and it 's also very normal, natural. So it's not something that we try, it's something that we are, that I am. It feels very great.

- How emotional it is to share the stage with your brothers bringing  forth a real legacy  ?

Very great. it's fun ! For me it's fun and one of the easiest way, you enjoy more the show. Because like tonight, I had to be at the mike all the time singing the words. there's no time to look at crowd, there's no time to ( snap his fingers and mimic some dance moves )... So it's very nice, very great to be there (with them), and it's fun too.

-Talking more about music, when did you start playing?

I started playing music maybe at 6. I just loved music !  

-Which instruments do you  play ?

I sing and I play guitar, keyboard,drum and bass

-So basically you can play everything !

Not everything, it's only four ! (smiles)

-But you could make a concert by yourself if you had more hands !

(smile even more) Yes, I could !

-Why you write music ?

Why ... I write because we got the inspiration. Words come to you and you have to write. The message comes from the inspiration and I have to write it. And we love music and we would live in a world filled with music and people who make music so it become a part that you love. You know, we write music because we to !

- Which messages you take forth with your music ?

The message is: ONE LOVE, meaning no barriers, no racisms, no fights. Just love.  One love means I see no color, I see no size, I see no shape. I see nothing than spirit and spirit, people and people. One people. So the message is one love, one God, one aim. The aim is that everyone wants to get better in life. So one aim. But the only way is that we do this together, because separated... only a few things we can lift by ourselves. But many of us can move many things.

-Now our last question.Which are your plans once the european tour is over ?

We are working on a new album, so we are hoping for it to come out next spring. We are working very hard.

-Thank you so much Julian for your time and for this amazing interview. Our listeners will love this !

One Love ! Thank you !

 Julian Marley and Gaia

Julian Marley and I

But you know, our adventure didn't end there. Once out we met the rest of our family and then went to look for a taxi. That's when I spotted Owen Dreadie Reid waiting for the taxi as well. I waved to him and pointed to my family, to show him I could find them and we were all fine ( as  he was worried for them ). He smiled really wide and came over to us, to greet the whole family and meet my other children and husband and then called Julian 
( which I didn't noticed at first ) to come and meet my family and children. Then he asked a kind man if he could take a picture of all of us

Our amazing day in Stockholm ended with my whole family waving goodbye to these amazing artists and men, which gave us much more than music that night.

Thank you so much Diane Podolak, Isabelle Messer and Marco Palian for making this possible.


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