sabato 13 agosto 2016

Chicho Interview !!!!

Hello lovely people out there ! How are you ? We're fine and busy and hoping for a weekend of good weather ! We're here today with an amazing interview with the cuban artist Chicho that we had the chance to make during the days of the Peace Forum ( read more about that HERE ). A person of rare kindness, whose art is spiced with a dash of irony and permeated with a strong desire for peace. We loved it, and him for sure. But here you go.

Hello and welcome ! Would you like to introduce yourself for our listeners\readers?

Of course, my name is Román Emilio Pérez López,besto known as Chicho.
 I am from Cuba, from the city of Santiago the Cuba,the birthplace of the Cuban Revolution. I´m in awe to meet  so many people, all the support they have provided to make this exhibition possible,it's fantastic.

Can you tell us something about your formal education and your general background?

I graduated fron the School of Fine Arts of Santiago de Cuba. For 20 years I worked as animated cartoons maker for the television , Tele Turquino. Lately I worked as graphic designer to become an independent artist. I have my own studio in santiago de Cuba,where I make caricatures for living. I have always collaborated with newspapers and humoristic magazines like PALANTE and DETETÉ. I also make a lot of posters and graphic design works.

When did you start drawing ?

I think it's a drive I was born with. Since I was a little boy I loved to draw and paint. I began drawing little things and copying cartoon characters.

Have you ever been in Europe before? And here in Finland ?
This is the first time I leave my country. It is a very positive experience. I haven´t met any negative raction from the audience. It´s being quite successfull and not only because of my work, I had the chance to meet  lots of nice peolple. Of course this is also my first time in Finland. I admire this country. I like to say that I started visiting the world from its very top !The most beautiful thing I have seen it happened at midnight, it looked like a Cuban sunset.You can see in the distance the splendor of the dawn. I took so many pictures to bring with me and remember this.

Which are your plans for the future ?
Well, I have a lot of plans. The most important being to continue with my work. I have new projects that take me forwards. I hope I will be invited in other places. It´s important,because that´s the value of an artist´s work,to make it known through exhibitions and events.

-Thank you so much Chicho for your time, but most of all that you so much for your art !

Thank you very much for allowing me to talk to you

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