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Addis Pablo interview !!!

Greetings to you all dear RQL106 friends ! How are you today ? Here everything is more than fine, an exciting new week is about starting and I can't wait to see what it holds for us. Today I have the great honor to host one very talented and humble young man, Addis Pablo, son of the late legendary Augustus Pablo. I had the great joy to see him live in Stockholm, sharing the stage with Julian Marley, an amazing experience for everyone there. But here you go lovely friends ....

Greetings Addis, would you like to introduce yourself for our listeners and readers ?

  Yes I am Addis Swaby son of Horace Swaby AKA Augustus Pablo I play the melodica produce and perform.

You're an amazing melodica player. When did you start playing ? Since your father was such a great musician, was it natural for you to follow his footsteps ?

I Started playing around the age 15 or 16 seriously, now am 27 so yea it was natural in the sense I have a love for the sound of my father, it rased and created me, so its like the soundtrack to my life so in that sense it was already there, but to learn how to play these music and eventually create happened through lots of practice and rehearsals with people like Earl Chinna Smith and Inna Di yard i was also part of a band in New Jersey USA for some years around the age 17 or 18 

Would you like to tell us something more about your father ? Everybody knows his music, but how was him ?
  Yes. He was a very strong and loving father , he was the greatest and is the greatest father i could have had; he was helpful to people and gave all he could both as a musician and person. He was in simple terms a one of a kind, kind of person in every sense. However the easiest way to express who he was is through his music cause it was a reflection of who he was. 

Can you play other instruments beside melodica ?

Yes, I play keyboards although it's the same type of instruments.

Would you like to tell us something about your creative process ? Where does  your music come from ?
It's inspiration from the most HIGH RASTAFARI who has created all sounds and melodies as well as the ability to interpret these frequencies into what we call music, like  Niyabinghi Drums playing  the heartbeat which is  a part of every living being. So i take my inspiration from creation and the Most High our Creator Haile Selassie which catalyzed all of the movements of Rastafari in all aspects of livity.

Tell us something about your debut album '' In my father's house ''
It's a presentation of the sounds and vibes i had been feeling and expressing at the time such as road to addis walls of jericho featuring legends like Earl 16 Prince Allah and Sylford Walker
it was a production out of Netherlands with Jah Solid Rock

What about Suns of Dub ? Would you like to talk about this project ?
Suns of Dub is a production platform and performing entity, we also release music as a label and do dub mixing to name a few. It's a project created by Ras Jammy and my self over 6 years ago in Kingston Jamaica. We met while we was attending uni in Jamaica since then we have released numerous projects including

 For The love of Jah
13 months in  Zion
Selassie Souljahz in Dub
Major Lazer and Walshy Fire present Suns of Dub
Mighty Crown x Suns of Dub the Far East Mixtape
The FarEast Dub LP  

We had the great pleasure to see you live in Stockholm during the Julian Marley concert. It has been such an intense moment for everybody in the audience. How was it for you ?Was it the first time you were sharing the stage with him ?
Yes i, it was a intense moment for me as well. It was the first time sharing a stage however we have been in contact for some time and worked on a track for his up and coming album which we performed on the said show.  

Which are your plans for the future ?
I am preparing my Second LP 'Creation Sounds ' which will feature a mix of my original production live as well as some of my fathers original tracks like Java East of the River Nile . Piperz of Zion and Day before the Riot   

Where can our listeners and readers follow you ( social media, web-sites ... ) and where they can buy your music ?
 I am on Facebook and instagram as Addis Pablo as well my music is on Itunes as well as on vinyl

 Addis on stage in Stockholm

Thank you so much Addis for this interview. It has been so lovely, after seeing you live, to get to know you better. I wish you all the best for your projects and blessings and peace and love in your life.
Flavia M

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