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Trevor Hall interview

Hello lovely RQL friends ! In this rainy summer so many good things are happening in our little realm that makes our own sun shine bright. Today I'm here with a new interview to a singer\songwriter who is really dear to me: Trevor Hall ! If you don't know him already I strongly advise to check him out, because you're missing a real gem.

-Hello Trevor, It's so great to host you here on our web-site ! Would you like to introduce yourself for our listeners\readers ?
Bless! Hey everyone ... my name is Trevor Hall and I'm a musician from the US. Glad to be speaking with you. 

-When did you start playing\singing?
I started playing when I was really young. My dad plays the drums and there are pictures of me in my diapers banging away on them. Music was always around the house and it was a natural direction for me to pursue.  

-How would you describe your music ?
It's a mash up of a bunch of different styles ... mostly acoustic, reggae, rock, and folk. It has a lot of spiritual undertones. Growing up I was really inspired by Bob Marley and Ben Harper ... so there is a lot of that influence in the music.  

-What inspires you writing your music ? Can you tell us something about your creative process ?
Music is LIFE! For me, it is inseparable for the everyday. The inspiration could come in any place and at any time. My job is to listen. Most people think I am a player of music ... but I look at myself as more of a listener. I am listening to what's being told to me. When I'm out of the way and I allow the music to come through ... it is one of my favorite feelings in the whole world. 

-Which message can we find in your lyrics ?
Each song carries something different ... but I think one main theme is to look within. There is something more. That's what I think the lyrics point to. Of course there are those messages of love and peace and all that stuff. But for me, the important message is to look within. 

- We read that you often visit India, would you like to tell us how these visits have been changing and shaping you during the years ?
India has changed my life. Traveling there year after year and investing myself into that culture has naturally shaped my music and person. India is a land of saints and sages. Bathing in their wisdom has changed the course of my river. I am forever grateful. 

-Let's talk about KALA now ! Such engaging tunes yet sweet and soothing. Truly a gem in our opinion.
Thank you! KALA was a really great project for me. The word "KALA" means "time" in the ancient sanskrit language of India. It was inspired by my grandmother who one day said to me, "Isn't time such a wonderful gift?" That was an interesting idea for me, as I have always looked on time as a pressure and a burden. But through her gentle words, she transformed my outlook and the songs on KALA are an expression of those experiences. 

- Is there any artist whom you would like to work with ? Or that you already worked with and it is especially dear to you ?
I've been very blessed to have worked with a wide variety of artists. All of them have inspired me in different ways. Off the top of my head, I would love to work with Bjork. I have been a huge fan of hers since high school and it has always been a dream. Other than that, I'm not sure at the moment.  

-Which is your favourite song among yours ? And you favourite song ever ?
It depends. When I'm alone, my favorite song is different than when I'm playing on stage for a bunch of people. When we play live, I love playing a song called "My Beating Heart." It really just puts me in a space and really gets me going. When I'm alone, I love playing Kabir II or Samaya.  

-Will you tour Europe in the next future ? And what about Finland, have you ever been here ?
I have never been to Europe! I want to go so bad and we are really hoping to get something on the book soon.  

-If you could make a wish, which one it would be ?
To have full surrender.  

-Where can we follow you and where can we buy your music ?

Thank you so much Trevor for this lovely interview, we really wish you all the best for your career, keep up the excellent work you're doing and thank you most of all for your fantastic music.

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Interview from Flavia Maldarizzi, RQL 

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