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Interview with Mike Love !!!!

Hello lovely RQL friends ! How are you all ? How's this summer treating you ? Here we're finally having some sunshine and warmer weather and we're so so happy about it. Today we're hosting a great artist on our page: Mike Love all the way from Hawaii ! Mike is touring Europe at the moment but he kindly found some time to answer our questions, so thank you Mike for your kindness, we know how hectic is the touring period.

- Hello Mike, would you like to introduce yourself for our listeners\readers ?
Howzit everbody, I'm Mike

 -Which have been the most important influences in your life ?

My most important influences have been my parents, my wife, and my children. They taught me everything I know about life and myself and continue to teach me all the time.

 -Who made you to say 'I want to make music' ?

I think Jah always had a plan for me to make music, long before I was ever born into this life. As far back as I can remember I've loved making music and it's been a part of every moment of my life.

 -When did you start playing ? I noticed that you use a loop pedal to record loops live, I find it brilliant ! Why this choice ? Where did you get the idea ?

I used to play with a large 10 piece band, but it was always so hard to organize everyone and count on them all to learn their parts and everything. It was a constant source of frustration. At my wife's suggestion I started playing solo gigs. When I started using a loop pedal it opened up so many possibilities and I just ran with it. I slowly started adding musicians back into the project, but when I did, I made sure they were individuals I could count on, not only musically but emotionally as well. We're back up to a six piece band

 -You are a musician and a songwriter. What inspires you to write your music ? Can you tell us something about your creative process ?

Life inspires me. I write about things that are real, and I think I write very literally and sometimes lack the grace and style of a poet. Creatively, I believe that it's all about being open and humble. I became aware that all the melodies, rhythms, lyrics and ideas were already out there in the Universe and we are sometimes just lucky enough to be able to have some of them come together in a unique and touching way through the musical gifts we've been given in this life. When I realized that, the inspiration just started flowing, and it hasn't stopped since.

 -Which messages you try to take forth with your music ?

Positive messages, of course! I believe music is a tool for healing and awakening. The messages that come through are ones of reconnecting with Mama Nature, with a more natural life, and waking up to the system of control we're all a part of and breaking out of it.

-And what do you want to achieve with your music ?

I can only hope for more of what I've already witnessed. I've seen so much healing, awakening and unification come from this music, it's truly wondrous and honoring to behold.

 -I know you have your own indipendent record label 'Love not war Records ' ( I love the name ! ) which released your albums. Why this choice ?

Everyone always told me I should call my record "Mike Love Not War". It always seemed a bit too obvious. Then one day when I was putting the final touches my first album, I realized I needed a name for my record label and Love Not War Records popped out and that was it.

 - Let's talk about your albums: "The change I'm seeking" "Jah will never I alone " "Love will find a way " and the upcoming EP  "Love overflowing ". What's behind each of them ? Could you pick one favourite song in each album ?

On The Change I'm Seeking my favorite is Distant Travelers. I wrote this song about my wife and I always look forward to playing it at shows because it makes me feel more connected to her when I'm traveling around the world playing music. On Jah Will Never my favorite is Heartbeat. I wrote the lyrics about my amazing parents who raised me with all of the peaceful ideals I hold close to me today and try to teach my children. The song just has such a vibe, I love how the recording came out. On Love Will Find a Way the title track is the one. With all the unique voices and the message, it was a vision I had that just became so much more than I even imagined it would be. I was so honored to have Paula, Nahko and Trevor share in that moment with me. On the Love Overflowing EP, there's a song, Three Mirrors, that I love because it's so different from anything else I've done. It's a song that slowly was written over the course of more than ten years and it just seemed to fit in the collection, so I recorded it, and in the end it became my favorite on the album.

-You have been touring\sharing stage\playing with Trevor Hall,  Xavier Rudd, Nahko, Mike Franti and many more. Such great conscious artists which I personally love and admire. Do you want to tell us about these amazing experiences ?

Playing music with and just sharing space and hanging out with these guys have been some of the funnest times of my life. I'm so inspired by each of them and feel so honored and blessed to work with such talented and tapped in individuals.

 -Have you ever been in Europe ? 

I haven't been to Europe since I was sixteen, on a trip with my parents, so it's been quite a while. This is my first European tour playing music this July, 2016.
( Here the link at Mike's touring schedule)

 -Which are your immediate plans ? 

Well, we have 2 more weeks in Europe, then 3 weeks in the U.S.  After that I return home and spend some much needed time with my family. We do have a number of festivals and small tours left in the U.S. and Canada to fill out the rest of the year. I also plan to get back into the studio and start working on my next full length album.

 - Mike, let's pretend I'm the genius of the lamp. You can make three wishes. Which ones they are ?

Ha, I don't really make wishes. I try to just live in the moment, take life as it is and go with the flow. If you wish for things you never quite get what you want, and then you spend so much time fretting about it that you miss what's all around you that's probably better than what you wished for in the first place.

 -Mike tell our listeners and readers where they can follow you (social networks, web-site ) and where they can buy your music.

My music is available in digital form on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc. and you can get hard copies on my site or at shows.
My Facebook is mikelove808 ,  Instagram is @mikelovemusic and twitter is @mikelovehawaii

Once again thank you so much Mike for this interview, it has been great to get to know you better, and thank you for your incredible music. We wish you all the best for your future.

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