martedì 7 giugno 2016

Open Studio Event with Carmen C. Wong

Hello RQL listeners and reader. Yesterday we had the chance to join in a fantastic event here in Loviisa, an Open Studio evening with the resident artist Carmen C. Wong. Carmen creates performance concepts and collages by, with, and around food and its eaters.
The event took place in the Loviisa Artist Residency in the Forum Building and was hosted by Beniamino Borghi. 
In her new space, Carmen invited us to talk about cozy food and what makes a home, while tasting some sweet cous-cous pudding and savory cous-cous loaf both just out of her kitchen and incredibly good and while watching a few of her past performances.
What Carmen will explore in her time as artist in residence is the concept of what makes a space a home . Which appliances, which furnitures, which food could help her to transform her temporary residence in her home. Everybody in town is invited to give her advices and instructions and help in this task.

Carmen, we want to thank you for the brilliant time we had in your studio and all the friends who joined, sharing thoughts and laughs around the table. 
And RQL friends, stay tuned, as we might have the incredible chance to have a live interview with Carmen in the next weeks !

Now please enjoy a few pictures from yesterday's event...

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