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Blind Channel interview

Hello dear listeners and readers,
here we are with a new interview ! Today we are going to know better a great band from Oulu, that we had the chance to see live a couple of weeks ago in Helsinki, and since that I  really can't stop listening to their music. Let's get started :

Hello guys,
Would you like to introduce yourself to our listeners/ readers ?

Aiyo! We are Blind Channel, a violent pop band from Finland formed in September 2013. We are signed to a Finnish record label Ranka Kustannus and our first album is set to be released next fall.

The band was formed in september 2013, how did you guys met ?

Blind Channel was formed by our guitarists Joel and Joonas. The two were in the same school and had a history in competeing each other, but eventually they got over their rivalry and ended up forming a band together. Joel and Joonas knew the drummer Tommi and the basist Olli from their previous music projects and asked them to join in. Finally, Joonas and Tommi met Niko at a highschool party and after jamming to some tunes from Linkin Park and Enter Shikari, Niko decided to join the band.

Why did you choose the name Blind Channel ? Who came up with the name ?

When we started we had many names for the band and we actually ended up choosing Blind Channel a few hours before we put up our Facebook page! It was Niko who came up with the name and we decided to use it because it was easy, and we thought it sounded and looked badass. The name also has some controversial aspects that are also included in our lyrics. People in today’s society are spending too much time staring at meaningless screens - blind channels. It’s time to show them something real. It’s self-irony actually.

Have you always dreamed of being in a band ?

I think that one way or another we all share the dream of being in a band and doing it for a living. And that dream grows stronger everyday. That’s what keeps us going.

What do you like most of being in a band ?

Everything really. The tours and the shows and the feeling afterwards. It’s just amazing to write music and perform live. We’re born to do this.

Are you all involved in the writing the lyirics and the music ?

Blind Channel songs are written by Niko, Joel and Joonas, but Olli and Tommi arrange their own instruments into the composition. Niko mainly writes the lyrics, but it’s important to note that Blind Channel would never release lines that weren’t approved by the other band members.

You have been performing in many places like Provinssirock, Ilosaarirock, Qstock at the Circus with Simple Plan..... Where would you like to perform next ?

Our shows involve a lot of running and jumping around, so we always hope to make it to the big stages. The bigger the better! Right now our goals are somewhere outside Finland, partly because we like travelling but mostly because we feel like our main audience is outside Finland. We also love to play at festivals because of their atmosphere.

Which is the best memory you have as a band ?

There’s too many! Wacken Open Air and Sziget Festival were awesome trips that included laughter, terror and survival. There are lot of great stories. Also the experiences of touring with Simple Plan and supporting Enter Shikari are on the top of the list.

Do you have any new music coming up soon ?

We’re gonna release our debut album before next fall and at least one single before that.
 Do you have any gigs coming soon ?

This summer we’re doing some festival shows in Finland and next fall we’re travelling to Norway to be a part of The Edge Nordic Festival. When the album comes out we’ll be touring a lot first in Finland, then abroad.

We knew you opened the Simple Plan concerts in Helsinki, Tallin,Riga and Vilnius would you like to tell us something about this experience ?

It was an amazing experience! Definately the best tour we’ve done so far. The Simple Plan guys were really nice and had a good taste in cheesecakes. Like every Blind Channel tour, this one as well included some dangerous-yet-hilarious moments. For example when we were making our way from Lithuania to Latvia, Joel accidentally and literally - stepped on the toes of a customs-officer and they almost didn’t let us go through. Fortunately these situations ended up in laughter and we got ourselves more stories to tell.

Where the listeners can follow you on social medias ?

Thank you very much, guys for this interview it was great to know more about you. We really hope to see you again soon.

By the way here is the link to our Blind Channel favorite song, you must listen to it !!!

Wish you all a nice day, and see you in the next interview !!!!







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