martedì 24 maggio 2016

Around the world

After the interview with Kati Kivilahti-Fagerudd and Beniamino Borghi we were so eager to see this year's spring show. We have been given the chance to follow the process of 'building the show' very closely and it has been a fantastic experience. The excitement, the cooperation, the mutual effort to give birth to a fantastic performance it's a priceless experience. I consider such an important aspect of this yearly appointement the fact that the whole town is basically involved in its success. Local companies, normal people, parents and relatives of the dancers, everybody tries their best for a perfect outcome.
This year's core idea for the show was especially dear at RQL staff. The name of the show was 'Around the world'. As Kati Kivilahti-Fagerudd said during the interview '' Last year we were very much in Finland, so somehow it felt very natural to go abroad. Somehow I felt it was a very important thing considering  what is happening in the world. People are moving from different places, maybe some of them wouldn't like to move somewhere else. Somehow we are all a bit of a kind of refugees, searching the best place to live, and find new friends and new interests wherever in the world we are.'' And of course we can relate with this feeling, being newcomers here ourselves but calling  Loviisa 'home', nowadays.
So it was with a lot of excitement that on sunday I went to see the show and it has been an amazing experience. The Loviisan Tanssi Opisto really lead us around the world, with its music, colours and moves. It is always a pleasure to see how this school let everybody joining in, no matter the age, no matter their skills, the main point is that through the dance we can express ourselves, we can travel, we can get to know new things, and it will always turn out beautiful because it will be an expression of our truest self. But this year there was also this added concept that was a real gem to pass on our youth, the idea that ''the younger people have the world in their  hands, because nowadays it's so easy to travel, even just only by internet, the world is basically our home, our neighbourhood really'' using the words of Beniamino Borghi.
So here now a visual reportage of the show 'Around the world' from Loviisan Tanssiopisto.

Showdance, coreography by Susanna Karvinen
Nykybaletti, coreography by Beniamino Borghi
Bailatino, coreography by Elina Mieskolainen
Jazz, coreography by Paivi Ahvonen & Fanni Fagerudd
Nykytanssi jatko 2-3, coreography by Beniamino Borghi
Nykytanssi 4-5- lk, coreography by Kati Kivilahti - Fagerudd


 So this was the amazing spring show ''Around the world'', of course our pictures can give you only a glimpse of its beauty and unfortunately we can't show you images from all the different groups.

Thank you Loviisan Tanssiopisto for this beautiful show.
It has been great to leave for this magic trip around the planet with you all.

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