venerdì 8 aprile 2016

" Words of the river " album review

Hello everybody !
 Words of the river the new album of our friend Steven (meet him here )
has been released the 7th of april and of course I got it right away and listened to it. 

I have to say that with Words of the river Steven proved himself to be more of a poet and a young shaman than 'just' a singer\songwriter. The album has 5 songs, each beautiful and unique, with very original sonorities and powerful yet gentle and love filled messages. 
  • " The remembering" is sweet and ancient, connecting us to the heartbeat of the earth itself. 
  • " Color me " is a gentle flowing song, words and music like water particles in a stream.
  • " The wild " (you can watch the video below ) is a catchy and freeing tune, truly inviting us to dance barefoot in the dirt and have fun.
  • " The secret " is probably my favourite one. Sonorities in this track are close to so many native cultures' music from around the world. The secret connects us to our shared roots as human beings and whisper us ancient truths.
  • " Words of the river " , which gives the name to the album, somehow closes a circle and bring us back to where we belong : mother earth herself. It's a contemplative song, almost a guided meditation.
I think it's quite obvious that I really appreciated listening to Words of the river, so I really recommend you to give it a try, you won't be disappointed !

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