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Ny Oh Interview

Hello listeners and friends of Radio Queen Loviisa ! Here we are with a new interview with an amazing singer and songwriter. Our friend ROAMAN introduced us to her music during his interview and we immediately fell in love with the angel-like voice of this fairy girl and her strong and powerful messages of love.

- Hello Ny Oh,would you like to introduce yourself to our listeners\readers ?
My name is Ny Oh and i'm a world traveling / hitchhiking musician spreading a message of love and unity from the heart. I'm English, however, i grew up in New Zealand.. so i've got a funny accent!

- We know you have chosen a rather unusual path to fullfil your dream as a  musician. Would you like to tell us something about ?
Some would call it unusual.. it feels right to me. I spent a few years solidly in London studying music, playing bar gigs, don't get me wrong, i loved it, but i feel music so much, i play it because it free's me and i didn't feel like it was having that effect there. A few metaphorical roller coaster rides in London lead me to end up on the street, which turned into the biggest blessing in my life. I met some wonderful friends (The Lyrical Nomads), together we went through some beautiful perspective changes and that freedom that music gave me came back. Music and my life we're being lived as two separate things, i was singing about good things, but was i learning from them and was i living them? It's been a journey since then, i'm getting better each day at living my truth, living responsibly on this earth, sharing love and creating space in my life for good things to come in. My life as a traveller is all about actioning my words, living from the heart and sharing that with everyone i meet... i trust in life and am blessed to be on this journey.

- How many places have you visited in your traveling and which one is more dear to you ? Have you ever been to Finland ?
I'm what you would call a slow traveller.. i love to go and spend a decent time in one place, so as not to exhaust myself and also to get the real feel for a place. New Zealand, Australia, Thailand, Canaries, Spain, Italy, France, UK, Netherlands, Belgium i've been busking around in the past couple of years. Tenerife was a place of such growth and peace for me, it'll always be special.. but i'm blessed to say i've had such wonderful times in all the places i've visited. When you're hitchhiking, you have to surrender to the flow and life ends up taking you on the adventure, rather than the other way around! I haven't been to Finland.... Guess that'll have to change!

- When did you start playing and singing ?
When i was 4 i started learning the Violin (special thanks to my mum who pushed to me to not give up) and i swapped it for a guitar at 12, which i taught myself on YouTube (yes it's possible!!) As for singing, it's my one true love in life, i've always known that my voice was a powerful instrument to share with people. When you find yourself harmonizing with vacuum cleaners, you know you've got the singing bug!

- From where you draw inspiration as a songwriter ?
That's always a changing and evolving subject for me. When i started out it was very much trying to make sense of my emotional reactions to 'usual dramatic teenage life'. At the moment i would say i'm inspired by the beauty of the earth, the vastness and connectivity of it all. Songwriting is a release for me, it feels more comfortable, or more like my true nature, for me to sing out my feelings rather than say them.

- Which messages we can find in your songs ?
Messages of change, love, unity, not only with the world but with yourself. I guess i just try to be as honest as i possible can, so that maybe it will help another person be honest too.

- Which the best place where you have played ? And where you would like to play ?
Ohh that's hard to say -I've played in some beautiful places! Playing anywhere with all of the Lyrical Nomads together always so special and magically charged - Last year at St Pancras Old Church in Kings Cross was very special! Some days just playing on the street can be better than any big venue.. it's all about connection! I would love to play a gig in a beautiful cave somewhere - any suggestions?!

- Is there an artist you would like to play with ? And why ?
Joni Mitchell - i admire her honesty, her spirit and her musicality!  Have a listen to Woodstock (one of my faves)

- We know you're preparing your second EP, do you want to tell us something about it ?

Yes, it's nearly ready  and I'm so excited. I'm proud of this body of work, it's got emotion, which for me getting that onto a record is always a challenge as recording environments can sometimes feel a little sterile. I had some incredible help from Takatsuna Mukai and Jesse Sheehan, they helped me bring out some magic, let go of some worries in order to get the right sound!
It's called 'Lovely and Honest' and it'll be available mid June (2016) on BandCamp for donation (or free), Spotify, Itunes (and all that Jazz!)

- If you could make a wish, which one it would be ?
Make a wish? hmmmm-  Oh magic genie, to see the beauty in everything, i'm working on it myself though, thats how you turn those concepts into reality!

- Do you want to say something to our listeners\readers ?
We are all mirrors to each other, keep choosing goodness, keep smiling, and if thats too hard, then cry, let it all out, feel whatever you need to. Then remember that we're all the same, we're all here together and you are the change. If you don't know where to start, start with Love.

- Where we can follow you ( social networks\web-sites ) and where we can buy your music ?

Facebook/Youtube/Insta @lookitsnyoh - Is where you can donate what you'd like for my recorded music! <3

Thank you so much Ny Oh for this interview, we really love your music and we're inspired by your journey. And please, come to Finland !!


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