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Nate Maingard interview

Hello RQL friends ! How are you ? We're quite busy finding new lovely talented and interesting artists to fill up our playlist and web-pages, great artists to entertain and inspire you. So today our guest is Nate Maingard, he belongs to the collective of the Lyrical Nomads ( we already introduced you with Roaman and Ny Oh ). 
So let's get to know him better !

 -Hello Nate, would you like to introduce yourself to our listeners\readers ?
Sure, I’m a modern troubadour. Inspiring others to live more purposeful and open-hearted lives, through the art of storytelling and song.

-You call yourself a moder troubadour, a story teller. Which is the difference (as you feel it) between a storyteller and a 'singer' ?
Anyone who has the voice/training for it can sing. They can sing about ice-cream, they can sing about love, they can sing about whatever they want, and that’s totally ok. To be a true storyteller is to have the capacity to take people on a journey through their own hearts and minds, to self-discovery, magic, love, tears, laughter and everything which encompasses the human experience. Stories were the first way that humans recorded important information and histories, and stories helped us make sense of a confusing and mysterious reality. Stories still do, but it takes a storyteller to light the fire of magic living in the stories of our hearts.

-When did you start playing\singing ?
I’ve been singing since forever. I began playing guitar when I was 14.

-What inspires you ? Do you want to tell us something about your creative process ?
I am inspired by the impact my songs and stories have in peoples’ lives. When someone tells me that my song calmed them down, or my story made them feel ok about themselves…well, then I am inspired to continue. I’m inspired by reality, by humans and all creatures of this realm. As we all strive to exist in the best ways we can, it’s a beautiful, painful, worthwhile pilgrimage we are all one. Tiny specks of dust in an infinite mystery. Wow! My creative process is just to flow. I play, I think, I wander, I learn, I love, I hurt, I make mistakes, I am attacked, I make peace…and all of that somehow becomes art, when I sit down with a pen, or a guitar, or a video camera, and I just let it flow.

 -Which kind of messages can be found in your songs ?
That our similarities are so much more than our differences. We are all on a journey and it’s ok to be vulnerable, to be real, to be honest and delicate. In these rest the strength of oceans. I sing about romance, sexuality, revolution, relationships, trees, fairy-tales, madness, depression, magic, wolves, forests, eagles, Divinity, family. I sing about whatever comes out when I sing.

-Would you like to tell us something about your past albums ?
They all came about thanks to support from incredible humans. This whole amazing ship only sails with the loving kindness of my community, my close friends, my family, and my global tribe of supporters and connections. Every song exists thanks to the people I’ve met and the roads I’ve wandered.

-'In the shadow' is one of our favourite song of yours, would you like to tell us something about that song ?
Thank you, it’s a favourite of mine too!
I began it in San Francisco, roaming the misty streets, watching people go about their lives. Some were laughing, some were rushing, some were dressed stylishly, some were homeless. The first verse came to me in those moments. It was months later, while living in a tiny attic room at my friend’s house in London, that the rest arrived. So much of my life I spent running away from the parts of myself I didn’t like. I blamed the outside world for my reality, kept thinking that if I changed my place, I’d change my state. But the same state always created itself around me, and I realised that the things I was running from were only inside of me. I turned to face and embrace my demons, my shadows, and they became my teachers and companions. This process is life-long, it never ends.

-Are you working on something at the moment ?

-We know you have traveled a lot. Which is the best place where you have played so far ?
In the hearts of every person who has taken time to slow down enough to really listen. To share tears, laughter, songs and vulnerability. Those places live in all of us and they are where I love to play most.

-Have you ever been to Finland ?
Nope, but I’d love to!

-Is there an artist you would like to play with ? And why ?
The Lyrical Nomads ;). Because they’re my best friends, my soul tribe, and they make my heart fly with love.

 -If you could make a wish, which one it would be ?
That every single person who heard John Lennon’s song Imagine was inspired to live by the truths therein.

 -Do you want to say something to our listeners\readers ?
"You are the self, you are what you’re looking for.” (Either Sam Garrett or Roaman, hah, can’t remember right now)

-Where can we follow you ( social media, youtube, website ... ) and where can we buy your music ?

Truly, the best way to be a part of my journey as I travel and create art for your hearts, is to pledge on Patreon:

 Thank you Nate for the interview but most of all for your great music ! We wish you all the best and we really hope to see you in Finland someday.

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