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Liverbox interview

Hello dear RQL friends !!

Here we are with a amazing interview just for you, let's have a chat with our dear friend Ozzi from Liverbox :

Hello Ozzi,

Would you like to indrotuce yourself to the listeners / readers ?

HEY There All You Radio Loviisa Rock n´Rollers ...!! They call me Ozzi and i Bang the drums in this band called LIVERBOX .

When the band was born ?

The Roots of the band goes back all the way to year 2006 when Mr.Järvenpää and Mr. Thomas.
formed the first incarnation of the group to play one AC/DC Tribute gig here in Oulu at the AC/DC Marathon happening .
But THIS here form of the Band was born during the spring of 2013

Why are you called Liverbox ? Who came up with the name ?

The name of the band ...oh me oh my . I Think Mr.Järvenpää , our singer would be the best one to answer this one but
i can tell you this : He had some kinda weird vision in his head that he should have this Flashy, Funky n Cool Band called
Rico Tubbs and His Liverbox ! So , the name stuck in his head and one day they were about to go and play that AC/DC Marathon thing and they had to call the band something ,,,,so , LIVERBOX it is then !! Hehee ,,, xx

Were you in some other band before Liverbox ?

Other bands before Liverbox ,,,, You know , i didn´t play drums for more than 15years before i joined the band !!
Yes we had bands in the 80´s and early 90´s but then i quit playin´drums when i was still quite young .
( Mostly cause of my ear problems but a big reason was that i was so thirsty that i didnt find a time to play anymore)
Sure i´ve played some acoustic gigs as a troubadour here n there during the years but it was my buddy K.Thomas who convinced me to start playin´ the drums again after such a long break . So , hats off to him !!

When did you started playing / singing ?

I Started banging everything at quite young age already , you know ...with the forks at the iron pot and so on ...
but i think i was around 13-14 years old when i got my first drum kit and that´s when it got way more interesting and real.

Which is/are the best memories you have as a band ?

Best memories as a band ....oh well , it´s been an wild and interesting 3years with these guys .
The team Spirit and the chemistry in this band is what it is all about so ,,,i´d say that for me all 3
years is the best memories for me in this band ...and the story continues :) ** @ -

If you could perform with any singer/band who would it be ?

 I Think we would gladly open a show or three up for Michael Monroe Band ... that would be great ... ! xx
But it really doesnt matter who we´re playin´, we´re just gonna Kick Some Serious Azz U Know !! heheee... xx

Last autumn your album was released, was it your first one ? Would you like to tell us something about it ? Where the listeners can buy your album ?

Yes our debut Cd was released november last year and be sure you get it from

We went in studio with kind of Punk attitude so not too much planning was done around that time .
The idea was to get us recorded raw ,greasy and Loud ...! so that´s what it´s all about and i think
it came out the way it was supposed to .

Do you have any plans for the future (gigs,albums,new songs......) ?

The future ....yes we have some gigs comin´up during May n´June and yes we have a bunch of new tunes written that we plan to record at some point ,

Stay Tuned! for all of that on our Facebook site ... !!


Thank you very much Liverbox for this interview, we wish you all the best and if you come to Loviisa let us know ;) :).




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