giovedì 28 aprile 2016

Nate Maingard interview

Hello RQL friends ! How are you ? We're quite busy finding new lovely talented and interesting artists to fill up our playlist and web-pages, great artists to entertain and inspire you. So today our guest is Nate Maingard, he belongs to the collective of the Lyrical Nomads ( we already introduced you with Roaman and Ny Oh ). 
So let's get to know him better !

 -Hello Nate, would you like to introduce yourself to our listeners\readers ?
Sure, I’m a modern troubadour. Inspiring others to live more purposeful and open-hearted lives, through the art of storytelling and song.

-You call yourself a moder troubadour, a story teller. Which is the difference (as you feel it) between a storyteller and a 'singer' ?
Anyone who has the voice/training for it can sing. They can sing about ice-cream, they can sing about love, they can sing about whatever they want, and that’s totally ok. To be a true storyteller is to have the capacity to take people on a journey through their own hearts and minds, to self-discovery, magic, love, tears, laughter and everything which encompasses the human experience. Stories were the first way that humans recorded important information and histories, and stories helped us make sense of a confusing and mysterious reality. Stories still do, but it takes a storyteller to light the fire of magic living in the stories of our hearts.

-When did you start playing\singing ?
I’ve been singing since forever. I began playing guitar when I was 14.

-What inspires you ? Do you want to tell us something about your creative process ?
I am inspired by the impact my songs and stories have in peoples’ lives. When someone tells me that my song calmed them down, or my story made them feel ok about themselves…well, then I am inspired to continue. I’m inspired by reality, by humans and all creatures of this realm. As we all strive to exist in the best ways we can, it’s a beautiful, painful, worthwhile pilgrimage we are all one. Tiny specks of dust in an infinite mystery. Wow! My creative process is just to flow. I play, I think, I wander, I learn, I love, I hurt, I make mistakes, I am attacked, I make peace…and all of that somehow becomes art, when I sit down with a pen, or a guitar, or a video camera, and I just let it flow.

 -Which kind of messages can be found in your songs ?
That our similarities are so much more than our differences. We are all on a journey and it’s ok to be vulnerable, to be real, to be honest and delicate. In these rest the strength of oceans. I sing about romance, sexuality, revolution, relationships, trees, fairy-tales, madness, depression, magic, wolves, forests, eagles, Divinity, family. I sing about whatever comes out when I sing.

-Would you like to tell us something about your past albums ?
They all came about thanks to support from incredible humans. This whole amazing ship only sails with the loving kindness of my community, my close friends, my family, and my global tribe of supporters and connections. Every song exists thanks to the people I’ve met and the roads I’ve wandered.

-'In the shadow' is one of our favourite song of yours, would you like to tell us something about that song ?
Thank you, it’s a favourite of mine too!
I began it in San Francisco, roaming the misty streets, watching people go about their lives. Some were laughing, some were rushing, some were dressed stylishly, some were homeless. The first verse came to me in those moments. It was months later, while living in a tiny attic room at my friend’s house in London, that the rest arrived. So much of my life I spent running away from the parts of myself I didn’t like. I blamed the outside world for my reality, kept thinking that if I changed my place, I’d change my state. But the same state always created itself around me, and I realised that the things I was running from were only inside of me. I turned to face and embrace my demons, my shadows, and they became my teachers and companions. This process is life-long, it never ends.

-Are you working on something at the moment ?

-We know you have traveled a lot. Which is the best place where you have played so far ?
In the hearts of every person who has taken time to slow down enough to really listen. To share tears, laughter, songs and vulnerability. Those places live in all of us and they are where I love to play most.

-Have you ever been to Finland ?
Nope, but I’d love to!

-Is there an artist you would like to play with ? And why ?
The Lyrical Nomads ;). Because they’re my best friends, my soul tribe, and they make my heart fly with love.

 -If you could make a wish, which one it would be ?
That every single person who heard John Lennon’s song Imagine was inspired to live by the truths therein.

 -Do you want to say something to our listeners\readers ?
"You are the self, you are what you’re looking for.” (Either Sam Garrett or Roaman, hah, can’t remember right now)

-Where can we follow you ( social media, youtube, website ... ) and where can we buy your music ?

Truly, the best way to be a part of my journey as I travel and create art for your hearts, is to pledge on Patreon:

 Thank you Nate for the interview but most of all for your great music ! We wish you all the best and we really hope to see you in Finland someday.

mercoledì 27 aprile 2016

Liverbox interview

Hello dear RQL friends !!

Here we are with a amazing interview just for you, let's have a chat with our dear friend Ozzi from Liverbox :

Hello Ozzi,

Would you like to indrotuce yourself to the listeners / readers ?

HEY There All You Radio Loviisa Rock n´Rollers ...!! They call me Ozzi and i Bang the drums in this band called LIVERBOX .

When the band was born ?

The Roots of the band goes back all the way to year 2006 when Mr.Järvenpää and Mr. Thomas.
formed the first incarnation of the group to play one AC/DC Tribute gig here in Oulu at the AC/DC Marathon happening .
But THIS here form of the Band was born during the spring of 2013

Why are you called Liverbox ? Who came up with the name ?

The name of the band ...oh me oh my . I Think Mr.Järvenpää , our singer would be the best one to answer this one but
i can tell you this : He had some kinda weird vision in his head that he should have this Flashy, Funky n Cool Band called
Rico Tubbs and His Liverbox ! So , the name stuck in his head and one day they were about to go and play that AC/DC Marathon thing and they had to call the band something ,,,,so , LIVERBOX it is then !! Hehee ,,, xx

Were you in some other band before Liverbox ?

Other bands before Liverbox ,,,, You know , i didn´t play drums for more than 15years before i joined the band !!
Yes we had bands in the 80´s and early 90´s but then i quit playin´drums when i was still quite young .
( Mostly cause of my ear problems but a big reason was that i was so thirsty that i didnt find a time to play anymore)
Sure i´ve played some acoustic gigs as a troubadour here n there during the years but it was my buddy K.Thomas who convinced me to start playin´ the drums again after such a long break . So , hats off to him !!

When did you started playing / singing ?

I Started banging everything at quite young age already , you know ...with the forks at the iron pot and so on ...
but i think i was around 13-14 years old when i got my first drum kit and that´s when it got way more interesting and real.

Which is/are the best memories you have as a band ?

Best memories as a band ....oh well , it´s been an wild and interesting 3years with these guys .
The team Spirit and the chemistry in this band is what it is all about so ,,,i´d say that for me all 3
years is the best memories for me in this band ...and the story continues :) ** @ -

If you could perform with any singer/band who would it be ?

 I Think we would gladly open a show or three up for Michael Monroe Band ... that would be great ... ! xx
But it really doesnt matter who we´re playin´, we´re just gonna Kick Some Serious Azz U Know !! heheee... xx

Last autumn your album was released, was it your first one ? Would you like to tell us something about it ? Where the listeners can buy your album ?

Yes our debut Cd was released november last year and be sure you get it from

We went in studio with kind of Punk attitude so not too much planning was done around that time .
The idea was to get us recorded raw ,greasy and Loud ...! so that´s what it´s all about and i think
it came out the way it was supposed to .

Do you have any plans for the future (gigs,albums,new songs......) ?

The future ....yes we have some gigs comin´up during May n´June and yes we have a bunch of new tunes written that we plan to record at some point ,

Stay Tuned! for all of that on our Facebook site ... !!


Thank you very much Liverbox for this interview, we wish you all the best and if you come to Loviisa let us know ;) :).




domenica 24 aprile 2016

Cesco interview

Hello RQL friends, here we are with a new interview to this great singer from Italy !! To celebrate tonight's italian special during Back & Forth, let's have a chat with Cesco :

-Hello Cesco would you like to introduce yourself to the listeners / reades ?

-Hey, my name is Francesco, but for friends I'm Cesco. I'm a boy who is following his passion for the music.... but mostly I'm a boy like you, that is following his dreams, living for them and let the rest apart.

-When did you start playing / singing ?

-I started playing when I was 10 years old and since then I couldn't take my hands off a guitar, at that time I used to be mostly in rock bands playing Deep Purple and Pink Floyd covers, just the opposite of what I play now ... at 14 I took a different path. I wouldn't describe myself as a singer, but as a storyteller, as a songwriter who tells his life music.

-Has it always been your dream to be a singer ?

-Not really.... at least not in the womb (ahahahaha) but as soon as I hit my teenage years I started to dream about it.

-How would you describe your music ?

My music talks about me, it's not 90's simple rap, just a laudspeaker,a bass and words ... it's an explotion of music ... not that the old style was bad, what I mean is that in my music I want to hear the guitar and the voice following it.

-Do you write lyrics and music by yourself or you work with someone else ?

I usually write the lyrics, as for the music I make a sort of 'blueprint' with the guitar or the piano and then I take it to my producer to finalize it.

-What inspire you to make music ?

-My inspiration is the world around me

-If you could perform with any artist who would it be ?

-I would like to perform with many artists, but let's say that a duo with Mengoni wouldn't be bad

-If you could perform in any place where would it be ?

-Olympic stadium.... Is this too much :)

-How do you see yourself in 5 years ?

-I don't have a clear vision of my future, I prefer living in the moment and build a strong fountadion for the future I want.

-Do you have any plans for the future ?

-Yes.... A lot of singles, an album with all my songs e maybe also an official CD and some collaboration with other artists

-Where the listeners can find your music ?

-On youtube by looking for "Cesco"

-Where the listeners can follow you to be always update ?

-On facebook and instagram looking for "Cesco"

In may my new single will be released
Thank you very much Cesco for this interview, we wish all the best to you in the future and if you come to Finland please come to visit us.

-Ti andrebbe di presentarti ai nostri ascoltatori/lettori
Buongiorno, mi chiamo Francesco, ma per la maggior parte Cesco, sono un ragazzo che coltiva la sua passione per la musica .. ma soprattutto.. sono un ragazzo come voi, uno che sta inseguendo i suoi sogni vivendo per loro e tralasciando da parte tutto il resto.
-Quando hai inziato a suonare/cantare ?
Ho preso la chitarra tra le mani a solo 10 anni, da all’ora ho avuto gruppi in cui si suonava principalmente rock come i Deep Purple i Pink FLoyd, il contrario di quello che faccio ora.. infatti abbandonata la scia "Rock" all’ età di 14 anni ho intrapreso questo percorso.. non mi definirei un cantante ma semplicemente un raccontatore di storie, un cantautore uno che racconta le proprio vita "canticchiandola"..
-Hai sempre sognato di fare il cantante ?
Diciamo di no.. ho meglio quando ero in grembo ancora no.. (ahah) appena ho appreso la lucidità e la "razionalità" di un adolescente sognatore si..
-Come descriveresti la tua musica ?
La mia musica è il racconto di me, non è il semplice rap che andava degli anni 90 con cassa basso e parole… ma è una vera CONCENTRAZIONE.. un esplosione di musica… non che quella precedente non sia musica ovvio, ma intendo dire che nella mia, mi piace sentire la chitarra che suona, e una melodia che la segue.
-Ti occupi da solo di scrivere i testi e le melodie, oppure collabbori con qualcuno ?
I testi li ho sempre scritti da me, invece per quanto riguarda la produzione musicale.. solitamente le musiche partono da me che creo con il piano o la chitarra dei mini arrangiamenti da cui parto a scrivere.. succede che spesso mi creo anche una base integra da solo (la produzione è un altra cosa a cui mi sto dedicando parecchio, voglio arrivare al punto di essere più autoproduttivo possibile..) che poi porto al produttore che affinerà il lavoro.
-Qual'e' la tua ispirazione musicale ?
La mia ispirazione è il mondo circostante..
-Se potessi duettare con un artista qualunque chi sarebbe ?
Mi piacerebbe duettare con parecchie persone, ad esempio un ritornello di Mengoni non sarebbe male…
-Se potessi cantare in un qualsiasi posto quale sarebbe ?
Lo stadio Olimpico.. chiedo tanto?
-Come ti vedi da qui a 5 anni ?
Non ho una visione lucida di come sarà il mio futuro, preferisco vivere il mio presente creando le basi forti per costruire il futuro che voglio io.
-Hai progetti per il futuro ?
Si.. singoli a gogò, un disco di raccolta dei miei brani più riusciti con qualche pezzo inedito messo in cantina… e perché no.. anche un nuovo CD ufficiale.. delle collaborazioni..
-Dove gli ascoltatori / lettori possono ascoltare la tua musica ?
Su youtube, cercando Cesco.
-Dove gli ascoltatori/lettori possono seguirti per rimanere sempre aggiornati ?
Su Facebook e Instagram sempre cercando "Cesco"

Grazie mille Cesco per quest'intervista, ti auguriamo tutto il meglio nel futuro e se mai dovessi venire in Finlandia mi raccomando facci visita.



giovedì 21 aprile 2016

Maria Laura Baccarini Interview

Hello RQL friends, today we host a very special artist on our web-site : Maria Laura Baccarini, who agreed to have this lovely interview with us. Be sure to read it as it is so interesting coming from a multi-talented artist whose career has been full and interesting. I highly recommend to go and see her live if you have the chance !
For our Loviisa's readers, she will be here tomorrow, the 22nd of april at Keskus Centralen

Read more about her in Finnish and enjoy a video HERE

 -Hello Maria Laura, would you like to introduce yourself for our listeners\readers ?
Well, hello! I am an Italian woman,  actress-singer or singer-actress, I can’t tell what comes first … I live in Paris where I moved 12 years ago … since then I started a new career , a different life, by sharing wonderful experiences with amazing musiciens and composers, like Régis Huby.

 -You’re a very eclectic artist, actress, dancer, singer; would you like to tell us something about these different aspect of your career ?
I am very curious , I like to explore… but to do that you need to know very well your instruments, and all different ways to express yourself. Your body, your voice, your heart, your mind. Then you also need to « live » intensely each moment of your life: happiness, pain, excitement, deception, failures, and victories … that ’s the « natural experience » of life … Then, you put all of that in what you do on stage … and that is fascinating … you change … always …  that’s surprisingly good.

-We read that you have worked for a while with 'La Rancia' troupe.We saw 'A chorus line ' production back in the 90's. How is to work in a musical ?
I worked in musical-theatre about 15 years of my life … I really enjoy that . I had the chance to play wonderful roles like Cassie in « A Chorus line » ( in Italy and also in the UK tour ), Sally Bowles in Cabaret, Anita in West Side Story ( European Tour ), Roxie Hart in Chicago, and many many others … it was so much fun! I travelled a lot, I have seen so many towns, so many theaters, full houses … it was exciting … but at some point I felt I needed to go somewhere else, and I felt the urge to grow up, to choose what to «say» , to be responsable of a precise « message » to deliver …

-You have worked for television, theatre and cinema. Which one is your favourite?
Theater is my life … I like live shows, I love the « truth »… theater is made of real bodies, real voices, real audiences , so no tricks, just real life and pure emotions …

-Would you like to tell us something about your cd ‘'Gaber, io e le cose'' ?
Gaber, io e le cose is a « duo ».  A voice ( my voice ) and a multi-violinist Régis Huby, who has done an amazing work of arrangements, so original and also very respectful of the meaning of each word .Giorgio Gaber is an italien ICON. He was a singer-actor-song writer and also an intellectual . He had the urgence to get to people , to touch their hearts, to wake up their minds .He and his friend lyricist Sandro Luporini, they wrote a portrait of the italien society, but they also told us about the deepest and complex part of the « human being ». Their language is so poetic and so real, so direct and refined .So, this project is deeply connected with my personal state of mind. It tells what I think about « le cose della vita »  The music in beautiful and words are pure poetry .
Hello RQL friends ! Today our web-site hosts a very special artist, Maria Laura Baccarini, who kindly accepted to have a lovely interview with us. Be sure to read it because she has had a wonderful and eclectic career and if you had the chance be sure to go and see her in one of her northern dates.

 -Is this your first time here in Finland ?
Yes it is , and I am so happy to be here. People are great, full of kindness and very very sensitive.

-How did you get here in Finland ?
Thanks to Charles Gil ! He is a rare example of a manager who really does his job … he works hard ! His job is very difficult nowadays, and thanks to him a lot of musiciens come to this beautiful country and get the chance to meet wonderful people and know your culture.

-Will you have other shows after the one in Loviisa ?

22/04 Loviisa, Keskus Centralen
24/04 Tampere, Tampere Art Museum
ESTONIA Jazzkaar 2016
26/04 Viljandi, café Fellin
27/04 Otepää, Gümnaasium
28/04 Tallinn, Punane Maja
29/04 Ventspils,  Juras Varti Theatre

lunedì 18 aprile 2016

Ny Oh Interview

Hello listeners and friends of Radio Queen Loviisa ! Here we are with a new interview with an amazing singer and songwriter. Our friend ROAMAN introduced us to her music during his interview and we immediately fell in love with the angel-like voice of this fairy girl and her strong and powerful messages of love.

- Hello Ny Oh,would you like to introduce yourself to our listeners\readers ?
My name is Ny Oh and i'm a world traveling / hitchhiking musician spreading a message of love and unity from the heart. I'm English, however, i grew up in New Zealand.. so i've got a funny accent!

- We know you have chosen a rather unusual path to fullfil your dream as a  musician. Would you like to tell us something about ?
Some would call it unusual.. it feels right to me. I spent a few years solidly in London studying music, playing bar gigs, don't get me wrong, i loved it, but i feel music so much, i play it because it free's me and i didn't feel like it was having that effect there. A few metaphorical roller coaster rides in London lead me to end up on the street, which turned into the biggest blessing in my life. I met some wonderful friends (The Lyrical Nomads), together we went through some beautiful perspective changes and that freedom that music gave me came back. Music and my life we're being lived as two separate things, i was singing about good things, but was i learning from them and was i living them? It's been a journey since then, i'm getting better each day at living my truth, living responsibly on this earth, sharing love and creating space in my life for good things to come in. My life as a traveller is all about actioning my words, living from the heart and sharing that with everyone i meet... i trust in life and am blessed to be on this journey.

- How many places have you visited in your traveling and which one is more dear to you ? Have you ever been to Finland ?
I'm what you would call a slow traveller.. i love to go and spend a decent time in one place, so as not to exhaust myself and also to get the real feel for a place. New Zealand, Australia, Thailand, Canaries, Spain, Italy, France, UK, Netherlands, Belgium i've been busking around in the past couple of years. Tenerife was a place of such growth and peace for me, it'll always be special.. but i'm blessed to say i've had such wonderful times in all the places i've visited. When you're hitchhiking, you have to surrender to the flow and life ends up taking you on the adventure, rather than the other way around! I haven't been to Finland.... Guess that'll have to change!

- When did you start playing and singing ?
When i was 4 i started learning the Violin (special thanks to my mum who pushed to me to not give up) and i swapped it for a guitar at 12, which i taught myself on YouTube (yes it's possible!!) As for singing, it's my one true love in life, i've always known that my voice was a powerful instrument to share with people. When you find yourself harmonizing with vacuum cleaners, you know you've got the singing bug!

- From where you draw inspiration as a songwriter ?
That's always a changing and evolving subject for me. When i started out it was very much trying to make sense of my emotional reactions to 'usual dramatic teenage life'. At the moment i would say i'm inspired by the beauty of the earth, the vastness and connectivity of it all. Songwriting is a release for me, it feels more comfortable, or more like my true nature, for me to sing out my feelings rather than say them.

- Which messages we can find in your songs ?
Messages of change, love, unity, not only with the world but with yourself. I guess i just try to be as honest as i possible can, so that maybe it will help another person be honest too.

- Which the best place where you have played ? And where you would like to play ?
Ohh that's hard to say -I've played in some beautiful places! Playing anywhere with all of the Lyrical Nomads together always so special and magically charged - Last year at St Pancras Old Church in Kings Cross was very special! Some days just playing on the street can be better than any big venue.. it's all about connection! I would love to play a gig in a beautiful cave somewhere - any suggestions?!

- Is there an artist you would like to play with ? And why ?
Joni Mitchell - i admire her honesty, her spirit and her musicality!  Have a listen to Woodstock (one of my faves)

- We know you're preparing your second EP, do you want to tell us something about it ?

Yes, it's nearly ready  and I'm so excited. I'm proud of this body of work, it's got emotion, which for me getting that onto a record is always a challenge as recording environments can sometimes feel a little sterile. I had some incredible help from Takatsuna Mukai and Jesse Sheehan, they helped me bring out some magic, let go of some worries in order to get the right sound!
It's called 'Lovely and Honest' and it'll be available mid June (2016) on BandCamp for donation (or free), Spotify, Itunes (and all that Jazz!)

- If you could make a wish, which one it would be ?
Make a wish? hmmmm-  Oh magic genie, to see the beauty in everything, i'm working on it myself though, thats how you turn those concepts into reality!

- Do you want to say something to our listeners\readers ?
We are all mirrors to each other, keep choosing goodness, keep smiling, and if thats too hard, then cry, let it all out, feel whatever you need to. Then remember that we're all the same, we're all here together and you are the change. If you don't know where to start, start with Love.

- Where we can follow you ( social networks\web-sites ) and where we can buy your music ?

Facebook/Youtube/Insta @lookitsnyoh - Is where you can donate what you'd like for my recorded music! <3

Thank you so much Ny Oh for this interview, we really love your music and we're inspired by your journey. And please, come to Finland !!


giovedì 14 aprile 2016

Omat Polut event 2016

Hello friends and listeners of RQL !
This sunday there will be the Omat Polut event organized by Loviisan Tanssiopisto. We had the great pleasure to interview Kati Kivilahti-Fagerudd and a few of the girls joining the event.

- Hello Kati, would you like to introduce yourself to our listeners\readers ?
I’m Kati Kivilahti-Fagerudd, the principal and dancepedagog in Loviisan Tanssiopisto.I have been living in Loviisa with my family since 2006.

- Would you like to tell us something about the Loviisan Tanssiopisto ?
In 2007 Päivi Ahvonen, Sonja Orden and me, founded an association called Loviisanseudun Tanssiopiston ja Sirkuskoulun kannatusyhdistys ry, which is the official backbone of our organisation. The board of the association includes nowadays Essi Niemelä, Jenni Martinsuo, Päivi Ahvonen and me. We have had the art educational status called Tanssin taiteen perusopetuksen yleinen oppimäärä since 2012 and we have annually 200-300 students taking part of our activities, mostly kids and teens. Next semester Loviisan Tanssiopisto celebrates its 10th Anniversary.

- Next sunday there will be the Omat Polut, which is the idea behind this event ?
On the 17th of April at 13 o'clock at the dance studio in Meijeri, we are organising OMAT POLUT matiné with new choreographies from our students. The idea of the project is to encourage our students to build choreographies on their own. In my point of view, this is very important.The projects can give a lot to the participants: to be creative, to make decisions, to research, to share - to enjoy the feeling of completing a dance on their own. As dance teachers we are supporting the groups during the process through discussions and guidance, but at the same time we try  to keep some distance,  not being involved too much but always  there if needed.

- For how many years the Omat Polut took place ?
 Omat Polut is an annual project, this year will be the 5th or 6th time it takes place.

- Who are the teachers tutoring for the event this year ? Would you like to introduce   them ?
The dance teachers who have been tutoring this year are Susanna Karvinen, Beniamino Borghi and me. Susanna has been working at Loviisan Tanssiopisto for two years as street dance, show dance and contemporary dance teacher. Beniamino  has been working in our school for many years and he works as a teacher in contemporary dance and contemporary ballet.

-Would you like to tell something else to our listeners\readers ?
I warmly welcome everybody to join us at Meijeri next Sunday to enjoy and share the talent  of these young dancers!
And then of course I want to welcome everybody to our big springshow

at 13 and 17 o’clock at Liikuntahalli 

where all our kids, teens and some adults will show their best!

And now let's talk a bit with some of the girls.
The first girls we inteviewed are Siiri T. and Indigo T.
Hello girls !!
-Which class/classes are you taking in Loviisan Tanssiopisto ?
Indigo. Contemporary and street dance.
Siiri. Contemporary ballet, contemporary, street, EK (special group),flow yoga and jazz.

-For how many years have you been dancing in the Loviisan Tanssiopisto ?

I. - For 9 years.

S.- For 9 yers.

-For how many years have you taken part in the O.P. project ?

I.- For 4 years.
S. For 5 years.
-What do you like of this project ?
I.- It is really nice that everybody can create their own coreographies with their own style and it is really nice to watch the others coreographies
S.- It's really funny to make your own coreography, and that everybody can express his/her feelings through their coreography.
-Why did you wanted to take part of this project ?

S.I. -Because it is fun to work together in the making of the coreography and be together during the coreography. And also because it is nice to see the other coreographies.

Thank you girls !
And now let's talk with Elle F.,Jenna K., and Fanni F.
Hello Girls !!!
-Which class/classes are you taking in Loviisan Tanssiopisto ?
Elle.- Contemporary dance.

Jenna. - Contemporary and street dance.

Fanni. -  I used to take a lot of classes, before I moved to Helsinki, now I'm taking street dance and jazz.

-For how many years have you been dancing in the Loviisan Tanssiopisto ?

E.- For a year and half.

J.- For five years.

F.- I have been a student of  Loviisan Tanssiopisto since the begining, so for 9 years.

-For how many years have you taken part of the Omat Polut project ?

E.- This is my first time.

J.- This is my second time, the first time was a long time ago with two of my friends.

F.- I have taken part of the Omat Polut project once many years ago, this is my first proper time attending it.

-What do you like of this project ?

E.-That everybody can built their own coreography, but at the same time you are not completly alone because there are the tutors that are guiding you.

J.- I think that is fantastic that the studends can make their own coreographies, and that they can express them self through the coreography. And is also a good way to improve yourself.

F.- I love this project !! It encourages us to use dance in more creative ways and insted of just repeating the teachers, we are able to make completly our own stuff.

-Why did you wanted to take part of the Omat Polut project ?

E. J.- At the begining we weren't sure if taking part of this project, then once we were messing around with Fanni and we started to build a coreography just for fun, then we thougth why don't show it in a proper way during the Omat Polut ? That's why we took part of this project.

F.- I wanted to take part to the Omat Polut, because we just randomly started to make a dance. We thought that it would be really fun to show to the others in a proper showcase and Omat Polut was a great platform for that. I also thought that this would be a wonderful project where I could explore my skills not only as a dancer but as a coreographer, and to do it with my friends just doubled the fun.

Thank you girls !!
And now let's talk with Minni A. and Vera W.

Hello girls !!!
-Which class/classes are you taking in the Loviisan Tanssiopisto ?

Minni / Vera. - Contemporary ballet, EK (special group) and showdance
-For how many years have you been dancing in the Loviisan Tanssiopisto ?

M./V.- For 9 years.

-For how many years have you taken part of the Omat Polut project ?

M./V. - For 4 years always together

-What do you like of this project ?

M.-  You can come up with your own coreography and that you can express yourself through it

V.- It's a fun way to learn, and to make own coreography.

-Why did you wanted to take part of this project ?

M./V. - Because last year we were here watching, and we got the inspiration for doing our own.

Thank you very much to everybody !!
Make sure to come on sunday !!!!!
RQL staff.



venerdì 8 aprile 2016

" Words of the river " album review

Hello everybody !
 Words of the river the new album of our friend Steven (meet him here )
has been released the 7th of april and of course I got it right away and listened to it. 

I have to say that with Words of the river Steven proved himself to be more of a poet and a young shaman than 'just' a singer\songwriter. The album has 5 songs, each beautiful and unique, with very original sonorities and powerful yet gentle and love filled messages. 
  • " The remembering" is sweet and ancient, connecting us to the heartbeat of the earth itself. 
  • " Color me " is a gentle flowing song, words and music like water particles in a stream.
  • " The wild " (you can watch the video below ) is a catchy and freeing tune, truly inviting us to dance barefoot in the dirt and have fun.
  • " The secret " is probably my favourite one. Sonorities in this track are close to so many native cultures' music from around the world. The secret connects us to our shared roots as human beings and whisper us ancient truths.
  • " Words of the river " , which gives the name to the album, somehow closes a circle and bring us back to where we belong : mother earth herself. It's a contemplative song, almost a guided meditation.
I think it's quite obvious that I really appreciated listening to Words of the river, so I really recommend you to give it a try, you won't be disappointed !