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Steven Sedalia Interview for RQL

Hello RQL friends, so here we are with a brand new interview. As you know our vision as an indipendent radio station is to feature and help new and experienced artists to get known and listened to. Few weeks ago we bumped in Steven Sedalia and we started following him, and when he said he was about to release his first album we thought to let all of you know a bit more about him. Its music is somehow different from the usual RQL music, but nontheless beautiful and full of positive messages which we love. So here we go ... 

-Hello Steven, would you like to introduce yourself to our listeners\readers?
I was born and raised in North Carolina. Everything to know can be learned through the music. I am a servant of Love and give my breath on Earth to facilitate compassion and connection amongst all things.

-When did you start to play\sing ?
In the womb! But actually I’ve been playing instruments ever since I was little, but was given a guitar at 16 and began singing around 17 and writing songs around 18, a critical time to begin learning these expression techniques.

-Do you play any instruments?
I play guitar, banjo, and my own body,
I also like to incorporate rocks, sticks, leaves, and other gifts of nature to make percussive sounds.

-How would you describe your music?
I always say sun kissed mountain flower music. It’s based largely in a folk fusion style using organic acoustic instruments along with earth-tone percussion and a mantric vocal style, emphasizing themes of Love, wonder, and connection to the Great Mother Nature. Raising consciousness and awareness is a huge goal of the music, as well as facilitating personal and global healing.

-Do you write either the songs and the music or do you work with someone else?
The songs are written through a dialogue with the Great Mother herself, the Spirit of Nature, the Goddess of the Wilderness. Through communication with her breath in the form of leaves and rivers and wind, she is the song, and my work is to transcribe her language and infuse it with the emotion of our humanity to create a form recognizable to all our brothers and sisters in the human family so to sing a bridge into existence between humanity and “the transcendent Other”.

-Which kind of message we can find in your songs?
Oh, Love, the truth that everything is connected. You are Nature. That which is outside is also inside. If you listen, you will hear. You will be guided, by what some call God, others call it the heart, the ancestors, Spirit, the Universe, Consciousness, etc. Language is everywhere, melody is everywhere, wind, ocean, river, rhythm exists in all things, all things are rhythm, everything is rhythm. Everything is music.

-Do you want to tell us something about the upcoming album? Is this your first album?
This is my first album and it would not have been possible without the love and support of all the people involved in the project. The Great Spirit that flows through everyone and all things is the source of all beauty we see. The seeds we sow are the fruits that grow. I am grateful.

-If you could make a wish, what would it be?
The balance will always prevail. The dark and the light must always be equal and lovers. I wouldn’t want it any other way. But a center wish would be to for everyone to treat everyone else with love and compassion.

-Is there anything else you wish to tell to our listeners\readers ?

I love you. And, Our ancestors live in the leaves and our descendents live in the seeds. So sit with them, be with your family of the Earth, and realize that every being ever to have lived and every being that ever will live is your family. Furthermore, the beings that live purely in spirit like the rivers and the wind and the sun, they are your great relatives and they will always look after you, as much a part of you as your own heart pumping life through you.

-Where can we follow you ? ( social\youtube\website) And where we can buy your album ?
Come connect! Album can be downloaded for FREE or name your price on Bandcamp, or bought on itunes. Download the record for free and share it!! If you like it and want to support future work, there are ways to do that. However, I first and foremost above all costs, want you to listen to the music!
(ed. the album is not out yet, we will keep you updated )

Instagram: @stevensedaliamusic


Upcoming website:

Twitter: @sedaliamusic



Thank you so much Steven and keep up the good job you're doing ! We look forward listening to your full album as soon as it will be released !

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