venerdì 18 marzo 2016

RQL106 and Loviisan El-Sähkö radio game

Few days ago we  met Ute Kehrs, the winner of the most shining radio game, at  Loviisan El-Sähkö shop. Ute got her prize and we got the chance to know better one of our dear listeners and friends and ask her a few questions.

When you discovered the first radio-station in Loviisa town?

I got interested in RQL through Anthony. He posted a lot about RQL and I got curious and started to listen more to RQL, mainly on the way to work and back

And what you think about the radio and the music played?

I really enjoy to listen to your special radio shows, like e.g. the 80s show.

Just few words about the idea of the radio-game?

Of course I also followed RQL on facebook, and there I discovered the radio-games. I like them all. They are connected to local businesses, which I like to support, and they have great prizes to win.
 I am planning to host such a radio-game with my wedding planning business soon. Stay tuned!

Thank you Ute for your kind feedback, we would be happy to host a radio game with your wedding planning business in the future ! And thank you to all our listeners and friends who joined the game organized with Loviisan El-Sähkö.

Stay tuned for new and exciting radio games !

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