martedì 29 marzo 2016

Roaman interview

Hello RQL friends !
 Have you had a good Easter ? Our sure was, filled with music and laughters.
 Here we are back to you with a new amazing interview.
As it often happens we found Roaman by a lucky chance in our quest for new inspiring artists, and after following him for a while we thought to interview him. Beside being an amazing musician and lyricist, this young man has a really nice heart and soul, really worth to know.

 Hello Roaman, would you like to introduce yourself to our listeners\readers ?

Hi beautiful people! My name is Roaman and I am a story-teller, a Lyrical Nomad and an "artivist" from Italy.

When did you start playing\singing ?

I've always been singing as far as I can remember. My mother used to sing a lot around the house when I was little and growing up in a Christian church every Sunday we'd sing before the sermon so as a child I was already hooked to singing. On the other hand I started playing guitar very late: I was 20 years old (later than any musician I know), had just dropped out of my first university and wasn't really sure what to do with myself. So one day I picked up my friend's old classical guitar and started teaching myself how to play on youtube...once I started I never stopped!

How would you describe your music ?

 Uplifting, joyful, rebellious and thought-provoking. It is hard to pin-point it to a specific genre, I'd say it's an organic mix of acoustic indie-folk with (especially on this new EP) lots of reggae with influences from gospel and r'n'b.

What inspires you writing your music ? Tell us something about the writing process.

 What inspires me is all those things that I believe we should be talking about as people to move towards the direction of change, peace, compassion and universal love. The writing process is kind of a mystery to me as well. It can start from a sentence, a single word, a chord progression that I like or from an idea of something I'd like to talk about. However I have very little control of when the song is going to come or how, all I can do is be present and allow it to flow through me and give it all my attention. It is truly a magical process that I am always so humbled to witness

Which message can we find in your lyrics ?

 the overall message that permeates every song I write is always LOVE, love for ourselves, for others, for Mother Nature. I want to remind people that we are all in this together, that they're beautiful the way they are and that change is possible if only we really wanted it and worked together. Recently I've began writing songs which are more "political", meaning I want to talk about that which mainstream media isn't talking about, I want to help people develop a more critical approach to what they hear and ask questions: why are we living this way? What is really going on? Is this really the best we can do? I believe that asking the right questions is the first step towards positive transformation, inner and outer.

One of our favourite song of yours is "Be a friend", would you like to tell us something about this song ?

 "Be a Friend" was inspired by the story of a homeless musician based in Vancouver called Andre "Gipsy" Girard. One day many years ago I stumbled upon an independent youtube documentary (you can watch it  HERE) about this beautiful man so full of love and joy despite living in absolute poverty and it inspired me so much that I knew I had to write a song about it. Then, finally, last year the song came to me when I was in Tenerife and it became a sort of an anthem for me, like a personal mantra I feel like it sums up perfectly a lot of the things that I believe in my heart

With which artist would you like to work with ?

 I would love to work with Nahko and Medicine for the People, Rising Appalachia, Xavier Rudd, Trevor Hall, Brett Dennen, Jason Mraz, Ben Harper, Macklemore and so many more... all artists that have had a big influence on my journey as a musician and that I love and respect very much.

With which artist(s) have you already worked ? (If you had)

 I haven't really worked with any popular artists yet but it's coming. My dear friend Sam Garrett is probably the "most popular" artist I've worked with (he features on my first and second EP). He's been a strong, positive influence both in my music and personal life. Definitely keep an eye on this guy for he's about to explode on the scene

We've read something about the "Lyrical Nomads" collective. Would you like to tell us something about this project ?

The Lyrical Nomads is a collective of touring singer-songwriters, troubadours and best friends coming together from 3 continents to share, connect, inspire and heal through music. We come from very different paths of life but somehow we all met in Camden Town (London) at the former InSpiral Lounge, a lovely vegan cafe where we all worked at one point or another. Over the course of 2014/2015 we went from being co-workers to friends to family until eventually we realized that supporting each other and working together we could accomplish so much more than as individuals and so the Lyrical Nomads were born. We're still very much focused on our individual careers but we are also big fans of each other's music so whenever we're all in the same place we put together shows (from house gigs to sold out 200 seater venues), we travel together, have lived together, we basically can't get enough of each other. I am very blessed to be a part of such a tight group of amazing people united by the same fire and the same love, truly they've changed my life.

We know you're about realising a new EP, tell us about it.

I am very, very proud of this EP and couldn't be more excited to be sharing it with the world. It is a collection of tracks that celebrate our common humanity, 5 songs that speak of brotherly love, the necessity of realizing we're all in this together (quite literally) and an invitation to look within to find out that we have more in common than we ever thought. "Free at Last" speaks of hope, unity and peace and it's an EP that will get people to dance, groove, think, laugh and maybe even cry a little bit. I feel this EP is the beginning of something really special and I am so excited for what the future holds.

Which is your favourite song (among yours ) ?

 Probably "Free at Last", the last track featuring Sam Garrett, Ny Oh and Jesse Sheehan (all great friends of mine and some of my favorite musicians). It is the first track that gave me a taste of what reggae, r'n'b and gospel could sound like together and I really want to explore these three genres further. It is a reminder that we're all born free and it is as free men and women that we should be able to live: free to be, free to choose, free to love, free to be free. It is a topic that is very close to my heart and I hope it will spark something within those who will listen to it. And it's has a very engaging rhythm that always gets people grooving!

And your favourite song ever ?

 My favorite song ever....mmmh, that's a tough one. I've had many "favorite songs ever" over the years. Currently the song that I listen to the most is "Warrior People" by Nahko and Medicine for the People, one of the most powerful songs I've ever heard.  I also love so so much a new song by my dear friend Ny Oh called "I See Change", I can't help but cry every time I listen to it (HERE's the link to a live version). It will be featured on her new EP coming out this summer so definitely keep an ear out for her too.

Which is the best place where you have played ?

Probably St Pancras Old Church in downtown London, a 12th century church with incredible acoustics where I've performed two sold out shows with the Lyrical Nomads. There's something really special about playing in a church and the atmosphere was truly unbelievable, so much Love in one place, seeing our community coming together to celebrate life has changed me for the better and I can't wait to play there again. Also, I've had some of my all time favorite gigs at InSpiral Lounge where I used to work. It was a very tiny place but the people were so loving, everyone would listen quietly and many gigs turned out to be incredible evenings of human connections, I think I've cried pure tears of joy on that stage a few times.

If you could make a wish, which one would be ?

For my music to have a positive impact on someone's life, to heal, comfort, encourage and inspire and to make a difference in this world. For me to empty myself of "me" in order to live a life of service through music to help wake up our fellow brothers and sisters and be a catalyst for positive change. To keep playing and reach larger and larger crowds and to be able to do so sustainably so that I don't have to struggle to live my dream. I know it sounds like more wishes but they are definitely part of the same vision to me.

Is there anything else you wish to tell to our listeners\readers ?

 To love themselves because they are walking miracles, to find out who they truly are, to inquire within and without to discover what's really going on and to find out what they can do to help. Our world needs healing, so much is not right and only us, together, can do something to change it. To be brave and follow their dreams, to listen to their hearts and be the people they wish they were because it is possible to live the life they want. To be kind to one another and realize that truly there is no separation between me and you, what's inside of me is what's inside of you and we can live in peace, it is possible, and never like today we need dreamers and lovers and artists and happy people to bring about the change we hope to see. You are beautiful and I love you very much.

Where can we follow you ? ( social\youtube\website) And where we can buy your album ?

 Follow me everywhere!!! My official website is , you can also find me on Facebook, Youtube, Soundcloud and Instagram at @roamanmusic. You can also become a Patron and support my music at , an amazing website where people from all over the world choose to support me on an ongoing monthly basis by pledging from $1 to $50 for me to be able to keep making music. It is truly a wonderful community of lovely people who believe in my art and I am so so grateful for their presence in my life.

Thank you so much Roaman for this interview, we're sure future holds incredible surprises for you !
And for RQL friends here's a gem from Roaman,
'Free at last'
for you all to enjoy !


 It is so uplifting finding artists like him, who tries to bring forth such powerful messages through their music and we are really happy to support them with our work.

venerdì 18 marzo 2016

RQL106 and Loviisan El-Sähkö radio game

Few days ago we  met Ute Kehrs, the winner of the most shining radio game, at  Loviisan El-Sähkö shop. Ute got her prize and we got the chance to know better one of our dear listeners and friends and ask her a few questions.

When you discovered the first radio-station in Loviisa town?

I got interested in RQL through Anthony. He posted a lot about RQL and I got curious and started to listen more to RQL, mainly on the way to work and back

And what you think about the radio and the music played?

I really enjoy to listen to your special radio shows, like e.g. the 80s show.

Just few words about the idea of the radio-game?

Of course I also followed RQL on facebook, and there I discovered the radio-games. I like them all. They are connected to local businesses, which I like to support, and they have great prizes to win.
 I am planning to host such a radio-game with my wedding planning business soon. Stay tuned!

Thank you Ute for your kind feedback, we would be happy to host a radio game with your wedding planning business in the future ! And thank you to all our listeners and friends who joined the game organized with Loviisan El-Sähkö.

Stay tuned for new and exciting radio games !

mercoledì 16 marzo 2016

Young Solace Interview

Hello RQL friends and listeners, here we are with another interview to an international artist very dear to RQL. We've been following and playing Young Solace for quite a while now and finally we got the chance to know a little more about him. 

-Hello Solace, would you like to introduce yourself to our listeners\readers?

 My name is Solace, I am a rapper/entrepreneur from Tampa FL,
I'm very passionate about everything I do

-When did you start singing\making music ?

I started writing at the age of 9. That was when I decided I wanted to be a rapper because I knew that I could be myself and still make good money.

-Do you play any instruments? 

I like to play the piano and guitar on occasion, but i'm definitely no expert in neither field, but im trying to find time to take lessons, but because I'm so busy I don't know when that will start.

-How would you describe your music?

My music is a refelection of me and joys & pain that I go through. I like to let people know I'm no different than them, I got family problems and struggles just like everyone else & the studio is my relief to let out all that I've been going through in a postive way

-Can you tell us something about the writing process ? Do you write all the lyrics or you work with someone else ?

I do write all of my lyrics or in some cases I dont write at all, I just flow with what's on my mind. I pay attention to all the details of my music because I like for the listeners to have a vivid understanding of the point I'm trying to make. Sometimes I write the hook first & then the verse other times I do the complete opposite so my process changes all the time, but I overall like to make sure I'm having fun and staying true to myself as an artist.

-Which kind of message we can find in your songs?

I think the message that I like to get across the most to my listeners is to believe in yourself even if nobody else does and no matter how hard things are you have the ability to change your situation, because I come from nothing and if I didn't believe in myself I would still be nothing. The only person that can stop your success is you.

-Do you want to tell us something about the single you released in the last days ?

Rotation is the first single I have released this year and the song is pretty much about how I didn't know I achieved success when I became a little successful, I just kept working. I never focused on the success because there is still so much more I want to achieve.

-Is there an artist (or more than one ) who especially inspires you ?

T.I. is someone who inspired me growing up, because I feel as though we have similar backgrounds. T.I. is one of those people that is able to adapt to any situation that life throws at him and still remain himself, which is something i have the upmost respect for.

-Is there an artist with whom you would like to work ?

Lil Wayne is definitely at the top of that list, because his work ethic is out of this world. He means so much to hip hop that as soon as I get the chance to record with him I'm definitely going use it as a learning experience, and going harder then ever because you have too, it's Lil Wayne.

-We know you're very proactive, you also work in a record label and you run your own business. Would you like to tell us something more about this ? How can you do everything ? It's amazing !

Working with Cash Money Records is definitely a dream come true for me. I'm learning so much about the business and getting the experience of a lifetime that is priceless. My shoe store, called "Soleciety", is where a lot of hard work goes into, but I wouldn't be able to do this without my team. I really have a group of amazing guys that help me keep the dream alive and if it wasn't for my boys Tee, Wolf, Medz & Ace I don't know how I would be able to do all this. I'm grateful to those guys forever as well as the Lord up above.

-If you could make a wish, what would it be?

I just wish I can take care of my family and friends, so that we never have to struggle ever again. That's why i do this, to put a smile on my mother's face and just enjoy life witht the people I will never forget.

-Is there anything else you wish to tell to our listeners\readers ?

Thank you all for listening and stay tuned in to Radio Queen Loviisa. Go get my new single "Rotation" available now for free download comment & share. Remember to follow your dreams your miracle could be right around the corner.

-Where can we follow you ? ( social\youtube\website) Is it possible ot buy your music ? If it's possible, from where ?

Follow me on Facebook & Instagram @youngsolace
and follow our exclusive store @soleciety_ on Instagram.
We do international shipping and make sure you click the link in my bio on instagram.
I do have music for sale on Itunes and  Amazon.

Thank you so much Young Solace for this interview ! 
Radio Queen Loviisa is so proud of you and to call you a friend ! 
Keep up the great job you're doing.

sabato 5 marzo 2016

Steven Sedalia Interview for RQL

Hello RQL friends, so here we are with a brand new interview. As you know our vision as an indipendent radio station is to feature and help new and experienced artists to get known and listened to. Few weeks ago we bumped in Steven Sedalia and we started following him, and when he said he was about to release his first album we thought to let all of you know a bit more about him. Its music is somehow different from the usual RQL music, but nontheless beautiful and full of positive messages which we love. So here we go ... 

-Hello Steven, would you like to introduce yourself to our listeners\readers?
I was born and raised in North Carolina. Everything to know can be learned through the music. I am a servant of Love and give my breath on Earth to facilitate compassion and connection amongst all things.

-When did you start to play\sing ?
In the womb! But actually I’ve been playing instruments ever since I was little, but was given a guitar at 16 and began singing around 17 and writing songs around 18, a critical time to begin learning these expression techniques.

-Do you play any instruments?
I play guitar, banjo, and my own body,
I also like to incorporate rocks, sticks, leaves, and other gifts of nature to make percussive sounds.

-How would you describe your music?
I always say sun kissed mountain flower music. It’s based largely in a folk fusion style using organic acoustic instruments along with earth-tone percussion and a mantric vocal style, emphasizing themes of Love, wonder, and connection to the Great Mother Nature. Raising consciousness and awareness is a huge goal of the music, as well as facilitating personal and global healing.

-Do you write either the songs and the music or do you work with someone else?
The songs are written through a dialogue with the Great Mother herself, the Spirit of Nature, the Goddess of the Wilderness. Through communication with her breath in the form of leaves and rivers and wind, she is the song, and my work is to transcribe her language and infuse it with the emotion of our humanity to create a form recognizable to all our brothers and sisters in the human family so to sing a bridge into existence between humanity and “the transcendent Other”.

-Which kind of message we can find in your songs?
Oh, Love, the truth that everything is connected. You are Nature. That which is outside is also inside. If you listen, you will hear. You will be guided, by what some call God, others call it the heart, the ancestors, Spirit, the Universe, Consciousness, etc. Language is everywhere, melody is everywhere, wind, ocean, river, rhythm exists in all things, all things are rhythm, everything is rhythm. Everything is music.

-Do you want to tell us something about the upcoming album? Is this your first album?
This is my first album and it would not have been possible without the love and support of all the people involved in the project. The Great Spirit that flows through everyone and all things is the source of all beauty we see. The seeds we sow are the fruits that grow. I am grateful.

-If you could make a wish, what would it be?
The balance will always prevail. The dark and the light must always be equal and lovers. I wouldn’t want it any other way. But a center wish would be to for everyone to treat everyone else with love and compassion.

-Is there anything else you wish to tell to our listeners\readers ?

I love you. And, Our ancestors live in the leaves and our descendents live in the seeds. So sit with them, be with your family of the Earth, and realize that every being ever to have lived and every being that ever will live is your family. Furthermore, the beings that live purely in spirit like the rivers and the wind and the sun, they are your great relatives and they will always look after you, as much a part of you as your own heart pumping life through you.

-Where can we follow you ? ( social\youtube\website) And where we can buy your album ?
Come connect! Album can be downloaded for FREE or name your price on Bandcamp, or bought on itunes. Download the record for free and share it!! If you like it and want to support future work, there are ways to do that. However, I first and foremost above all costs, want you to listen to the music!
(ed. the album is not out yet, we will keep you updated )

Instagram: @stevensedaliamusic


Upcoming website:

Twitter: @sedaliamusic



Thank you so much Steven and keep up the good job you're doing ! We look forward listening to your full album as soon as it will be released !

venerdì 4 marzo 2016

Woman's Day Special

Sunday 6th of March, Back & Forth will play only female singers, to have an early Woman's Day celebration.