giovedì 11 febbraio 2016

RQL106FM and Kuormalavakeskus OY radio-game

           Annette Blomquist,the winner of the sweetest competition ever,came to radio-studio
           to bring the prize....a 100 Porvoon sukkoja box,on a customized lava pallet,
           kindly offered by Kuormalavakeskus OY

           We took the opportunity to ask a few questions:

           When you discovered the first radio-station in Loviisa town? I have discovered
           the radio since the beginning of broadcasting in summer of 2014, And I read about
           Radio Queen Loviisa,from local newspaper,Annette said.

           And what you think about the radio and the music played? The music who comes from
           Radio Queen Loviisa is cool,amazing;you can listen old goodies;just what we need!

           Just few words about the idea of the radio-game? The radio-games are good fun!

           We got a very important feedback,and we know we are doing something good and funny.

           Thank you to Annette and all of you who partecipated to this radio-game
           organized along with Kuormalavakeskus OY .

           Thank you to our listeners,friends and supporters.Stay tuned and follow us 
           for the next coming radio-game 


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