giovedì 11 febbraio 2016

RQL106FM and Kuormalavakeskus OY radio-game

           Annette Blomquist,the winner of the sweetest competition ever,came to radio-studio
           to bring the prize....a 100 Porvoon sukkoja box,on a customized lava pallet,
           kindly offered by Kuormalavakeskus OY

           We took the opportunity to ask a few questions:

           When you discovered the first radio-station in Loviisa town? I have discovered
           the radio since the beginning of broadcasting in summer of 2014, And I read about
           Radio Queen Loviisa,from local newspaper,Annette said.

           And what you think about the radio and the music played? The music who comes from
           Radio Queen Loviisa is cool,amazing;you can listen old goodies;just what we need!

           Just few words about the idea of the radio-game? The radio-games are good fun!

           We got a very important feedback,and we know we are doing something good and funny.

           Thank you to Annette and all of you who partecipated to this radio-game
           organized along with Kuormalavakeskus OY .

           Thank you to our listeners,friends and supporters.Stay tuned and follow us 
           for the next coming radio-game 


mercoledì 10 febbraio 2016

domenica 7 febbraio 2016

RQL106 Game
Congratulations to today's winner !!!
And thank you to
Kuormalavakeskus OY
that kindly offered the sweetest prize ever !
Here following the evidence of the exciting evening in the studio....

Thank you to all those who played with us and stay tuned for more games !!


Today !!!

Hello RQL106 friends ! 
Remember that today is the big day.
 During Back and Forth (from 18 to 19 tonight) the name of the lucky winner of 
100 Brunberg Porvoon Suukkoja
will be picked from our magic hat !
So stay tuned and remember, to join the game you have time until 17:00.
Again many many thanks to Kuormalavakeskus for donating such a sweet prize.