mercoledì 20 giugno 2018

Helsinki Pride 2018

RQLwebradio wants to show their full support to the LGBTIQ* community as the Pride Week is fastly approaching.
RQL Team will join the parade on saturday the 30th of june in Helsinki to joyfully and pridefully march under the caleidoscopic rainbow of human existence.
No one can dim our colours to a monocromatic world.

For more info check  Helsinki Pride

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lunedì 18 giugno 2018

Interview with Larry Peninsula -Roots n' Boots 2018-

It's almost Roots'n Boots time !

Again for the third time, this year we will cover again this small but amazing music festival that will take place in Loviisa, Ungerin on the 14th of July 
For the occasion we have got to interview two bands that will be playing there, here is the first interview, we had a little talk with the Finnish country artist Larry Peninsula.


would you like to introduce yourself to the listeners ?

Hello everyone! I'm Larry Peninsula, a country artist from Finland. I released my debut album "Country Music Only" in February. 
I've been performing live and writing music for ten years. I'm a travelling musician, hopefully I'll get to play abroad more in the future.

Is this your first time at Roots'n Boots ? If it's so how are you feeling about ?

Yes it's my first time performing at Roots'n Boots. I'm really looking forward to playing at the festival and meeting new people. I hear it's a great event and I'm also interested in seeing the other bands too. 

What can we expect from your performance ?

I'll perform songs from my album and some covers. For me the main thing about performing is always to entertain the crowd. I want to make people smile and have a good time, my music is the soundtrack to that. 

Would you like to share with us the best memory you have about one of your shows ? 

Every show is a memory of it's own. It's always a thrill to see someone singing along to one of my songs. Recently that has happened more often. 

See you in Loviisa!

Larry will go up on stage around 19.20 you better be there :).

Get your tickets => here 

giovedì 14 giugno 2018

Rototom Sunsplash for Aquarius

Yesterday evening we got a reason more to love and support Rototom Sunsplash. Which is not only an amazing music festival, but it's a festival managed from people with a big heart and good principals.
We all heard in the last days about the Aquarius-boat and the unfortunate fate of the 629 migrants on board who have been denied access to Italian harbours.

Here Rototom's answer:

"Rototom Sunsplash, which is promoting values and messages of peace, love, tolerance, integration and respect since the beginning of its existence, wants to show full solidarity to the 629 people who were saved on the Aquarius - boat of the NGO SOS Mediterranée and Doctors Without Borders - who will get to the port of Valencia in the following hours after being refused by Italian government on their country.  
Moreover, Rototom Sunsplash wants to offer, through its NGO Exodus, help to all institutions, social organisations and entities involved in helping these people, by letting them know the festival's organisation is ready to help in any needed way. 
“We are ready to help these 629 migrants in any possible way. Among them, there are seven pregnant women, eleven kids and 123 unaccompanied minors who we want to welcome in the best way", has declared the international reggae festival"

We could not be more proud of supporting and promoting this festival.

mercoledì 13 giugno 2018

4 weeks to OverJam

In exactly four weeks the seventh edition of OverJam International Reggae Festival, will start and it will take place in Tolmin, Slovenia.

As we already said, for the first time ever we will be there as media partners, and we couldn’t be more excited, for this new adventure.

But going back to the festival, this year's line up is pretty cool so if you haven’t you better get your ticket. Tickets are available HERE, you can find the one day tickets from 20€, the festival + parking for 120€ and the festival+ camping and parking for 155 €.

On the main stage, Ziggy Marley and New Kingston headline the bill on 12th July, while on the 13th the spotlight will be on Macka B & The Roots Ragga Band plus Mellow Mood, and on the 14th Protoje & The Indiggnation will take care of the closing day of the festival. 
The main stage will also host performances by Awa Fall aka Sista Awa & The Sound Rebels, Earth Beat Movement, Pokyman & Lukie Fwd, Sites Hlapci, Italee, Nadirah X & Israel Voice, Brain Holidays and Shanti Powa.

The Dub stage will be hosted by resident sound Warrior Charge who will be accompanied by OBF feat. Sr. Wilson & Charlie P, Paolo Baldini Dubfiles feat. Jules I and Andrew I, Coxsone Sound, Brother Culture, Kings Hi-Fi - Leo Samson, Digitron, Mmmeniga, DJ Kanto and Dub Kali.
The Dancehall area will be presided over by Huntin' Sound and will also feature sets from Northern Lights, Ma'Gash, Benny Page and Warrior Sound.

The musical programming is topped off by two days dedicated to sound system culture, as well as a pre-party taking place on the 9th.
On the spectacular river bank which characterises the festival’s location, there will be DJ sessions, workshops, activities for children as well as the Overjam University, which this year will feature writer, journalist and London based American DJ David Katz, who will lead the session dedicated to reggae music.

12th July: The Italian-Jamaican Connection with Jacopo and Lorenzo Garzia and Giulio Frausin of the Mellow Mood, plus producer Paolo Baldini.  
13th July: Three Generations of Black British Sound System Culture with Lloydie Coxsone, Macka B and Brother Culture.

14th July: Women of Contemporary Reggae with Nadirah, Italee and Michelle of Northern Lights.

See you soon OverJam :)

lunedì 11 giugno 2018

RockFest Day 4 : Amaranthe, Blind Channel, Normandie & Many more

Last day of RockFest has ended with a succession of amazing bands, that it was impossible to choose where to go. 

Photo Credit : RockFest 2018, Niki Soukkio

The gate opened with Stam1na on the RadioRock Stage, followed by an all Swedish line-up continuing with Amaranthe and Opteh. After this first wave of incredible music, the audience is ready for the last band performing on the RadioRockStage for this year: the Americans Avenged Sevenfold. 

Photo Credit : RockFest 2018, Niki Soukkio

Photo Credit : RockFest 2018, Julius Konttinen

We move then to the Kivi Stage. The crowd already on fire thanks to the Americans CKY, back in Finland after 10 years. The next in line are our lovely BlindChannel (which btw will be open act for Hollywood Undead in Germany and Bulgaria). They almost didn’t had the time to get on stage that the people was on fire. During this show the brotherhood among the boys and their love for music was crystal clear and the honesty of all this was really visible in the variegated audience of older and younger rock fans enjoying their show.

Photo Credit : RockFest 2018,  Julius Konttinen

RockFest was an AWESOME experience ! For sure we will come again next year ! See you soon RockFest ;). 

sabato 9 giugno 2018

Rock Fest day 3 : Marilyn Manson, Megadeth, Amorphis & more

The third day of the festival opens its gates at 14:00. The crowd is getting bigger and bigger, this going to be an awsome day packed full with living legends of rock scene.
While on the Perkele Stage and Kivi stage were taking turns names such as The Holy, Mokoma, Maj Karma and many more, on the Radio Rock Stage the impressive scenographies already waiting were whispering of a dream-like line-up for every die-hard rock fan.¨

Photo Credit : Rockfest 2018, Julius Konttinen

The Adept from sweden had the hard task to welcome the audience and they proved themselves fit for it. Once their performance is over the stage starts its endless transformations.
An almost psychedelic scenography introduce us to Amorphis. At 18:00 the finnish death metal band shakes the Rock Fest plain to the core. They are dark, loud, their music hit you in the stomach, litterally. The guys sure have a drum 'n' bass to kill.
When the Amorphis are over, Reckless Love on the Kivi stage and Phil Campbell&the bastard sons on the Perkele one fill the air with their powerful tunes while once more the Rock Stage is filled with technical staff over busy getting ready for a new set to kick-in.
 And at 20:30 Megadeth arrive.

Photo Credit : Rockfest 2018,  Niki Soukkio

Photo Credit : Rockfest 2018,  Niki Soukkio

It's so heart warming to see nowadays middle-aged fans still in awe in front of their musical idols along with younger generations who can see the worth of those who paved the path for their favourite music in a time when it was much less socially accepted.
Dave Mustain is an amazing entertainer with a super fast guitar. The guys on stage looks like they have a lot of fun themselves and the people can feel it. It's like a huge open-air party with thousands of friends bouncing and singing and having the time of their life.
Again the long sub-arctic summer day is toward its end and the sun finally sets soon under the horizon. You can't have darkness in this period of the year but the more dim light suits much better to the dark lord of metal. The next on the Radio Rock stage will be Marilyn Manson himself.

Personally this was the set I was mostly awaiting considering I never had the chance so far to see Manson live. My expectations haven't been betrayed for sure.
At 23:00 everything is ready. The area is filled, hardly any room to move your feet. And here he is on stage. Dressed in black, with the usual white make-up and a voice to shake the world's foundations.
Manson it's not only a singer. He is an icon, a top-class performer, a dark entertainer. No compromises for sure, he is the way he is. This is the new shit, Sweet Dreams, Beautiful People... I'm just naming a few songs in no specific order. Each one a gem. He might be a controversial artist, but his performance was one of the best I have ever seen.

Photo Credit : Rockfest 2018,  Julius Konttinen

Photo Credit : Rockfest 2018,  Niki Soukkio

...The beautiful people, the beautiful people
It's all relative to the size of your steeple
You can't see the forest for the trees
You can't smell your own shit on your knees
There's no time to discriminate
Hate every motherfucker
That's in your way
Hey you, what do you see?
Something beautiful or something free?
Hey, you, are you trying to be mean?
If you live with apes man, it's hard to be clean...
(The beautiful People)

venerdì 8 giugno 2018

Rock Fest Day 2 : Beast in Black, Children of Bodom, Judas Priest and more....

Festivals are raw and die-hard. Dust, wind,rain,scorching sun. Whatever's been sent from above you have to accept it. But festivals are about inclusion and fun and friendships. You hardly feel cast out or out of place no matter who you are outside or how you look like.
Day two of Rockfest in Hyvinka was even more crowded and cold (but no rain !) but also the feeling of oneness in the name of music had grown bigger evidently over night.

Photo credit : Rockfest 2018, Julius Konttinen

The line-up of the three stages was top-class as usual. Here I am only to point out a few of my personal favourite highlights.
On the Radio Rock Stage, soon after the amazing Twilight Force, we finally had the chance to see the BEAST IN BLACK (which by the way, will support Nightwish on their european tour in autumn !).
Their music is powerful and dark and Yannis Papadopoulos, the singer, is a real engaging front man, addressing the audience and challenging them being loud and crazy. I loved every moment of their show.

Just the time to listen to Millencolin at the Perkele stage and back we are at the Radio Rock Stage area for the show of Children Of Bodom.
As usual Children Of Bodom were fast, tight and straight in your face. The crowd bigger and crazier for the beloved sons of southern Finland. Just a few songs and excitement was at critical level. Again evry moment was priceless and worth.

Photo credit : Rockfest 2018, Niki Soukkio

Again a quick visit to the Perkele Stage for Sonata Artica and to the Kivi stage for Happoradio and it was again time to be back at the Radio Rock stage area to get the best position possible for Judas Priest. The area is filling up quickly, a flood of people, a mix of very old-school heavy-metal lover, all leather and studs and very young and imaginative fans, with incredibles dress-ups and make-ups, all together to honour one of the biggest names of hard rock. Time might have gone by changing the outer features of the amazing people on stage, but the energy, the power, the joy to perform is as high as it ever was and an endless crowd tightens-up to soak in this classic metal, letting the music do the talk. It's darker now, and the flames projected on the stage colour the area of a red nuance that matches with the red sun-setting sky. The magic is alive.

Photo credit : Rockfest 2018, Niki Soukkio

Photo credit : Rockfest 2018, Niki Soukkio

Photo credit : Rockfest 2018, Julius Konttinen