giovedì 9 luglio 2020

"Warriors" the new single by Papa Fral

"Warriors" is the latest single of the Jungle Prince album, from the Italian young talent Francesco Lautone also known as Papa Fral, born in 1995. 

Jungle Prince is an album that sees the light after some collaborations, and which also contains some combinations but which finally marks the artist's solo turn. The album was released on June 30th on every digital platform.

The release of this single is accompanied by a video clip (watch the video => here) made by the Mitraglia label team, entirely shot in the Roman countryside and featuring the components of the label which Fral belongs. 

Listen to the album on Spotify => here

venerdì 12 giugno 2020



Benicassim (Spain), June 10, 2020

Family of Rototom,

The latest information that we have for you, the people who have made the Rototom Sunsplash adventure possible for almost three decades, is not the good news that we hoped for you.
We have suspended this year's event.
The current international health crisis does not permit the festival to be held this summer.

We have worked up to the last minute for a memorable edition wrapped in a hopeful theme, 
We can change the world, but this shared dream will have to wait.

A Rototom Sunsplash without hugs would not be Rototom. It would lose its essence, something we want to preserve. We have therefore put the 2020 edition hold, but not our efforts and the desire to continue.

A difficult year awaits us. After Months of work by a large team to organize the festival this summer, it is the time to reactivate the machinery to prepare for the next edition. We have enthusiasm and energy, but we need more than ever to continue counting on the support and involvement that you have shown us these 27 years. you have helped us to overcome every obstacle along the way.

acquiring your ticket in advance was already a gesture of confidence. Trasforming it now into a direct passport to Rototom Sunsplash 2021 would give us oxygen to build your next reggae holiday in Benicassim. It would go a long way to ensuring that this dream does not end.

However, we know that the current situation is complicated for everyone and that maintaining yous ticket is not an option for some of you. On our Rototom Sunsplash Website we have published our guide on how to managa ticket refounds and any related questions.

We promise you a memorable 27th edition, more exiciting than ever, and we will filful our part of the deal: from August 16 to 21, 2021 in Benicassim (Castellon, Spain).

While waiting, we have the illusion that there might be surprise capable of accelerating our reunion and comforting the disappointment of suspending the festival. Hopefully we can communicate it very soon.

We will come back stronger, together. You deserve to be part of this unique experience once again.

You are our certainty and we want you here. You are Rototom, Family.

See you soon

Here you can check all the information about how to keep your ticket or to request your refound.

venerdì 10 aprile 2020

Interview with Acsel and the rebel reggae band -Rototom Sunsplash 2019-

Hey there dear listeners, 

hope you all are safe and doing well. 
As many you might know many events have been postponed or cancelled due to the current situation, but we can't help but dreaming about the past couple of years and all the events we have been covering and hope to live again all those beautiful moments and days. 

Last year we went to Rototom Sunsplash and we had the chance to interview Acsel the front man of the Reggae Rebel Band from Italy after their performance at the Rototom's Lion Stage. 
We hope you will enjoy this interview and that we are keeping you company during this hard times :)

Hey Acsel,

-We never had the pleasure to meet, would you like to introduce yourself to our listeners? Tell us something about your performance at Rototom Sunsplash's lion stage.

Hey there, I am Acsel, I am the front man of the Reggae Rebel Band from Italy. The lion stage was amazing, I thought I would be way more nervous performing on such a stage, but when you get on and see all that people just waiting to dance, you start and never stop until the end. We played at 5.45 in the morning and it was full of people that you couldst's see at the end of it. It was very beautiful. 

-You also dedicated a song to the beautiful Rototom Sunsplash, how did you came up with the idea?

It sort of came by itself last year I came here to Benicassim, I arrived after the festival was over but I went to the Solé beach (Rototom's beach), and being there was enough to make me create the draft of the  lyrics, arrived back home I sat down and wrote the rest 

-How did the festival reacted to the song?

Very good, actually the festival produced the music video and it was published in their YouTube channel. It was a nice satisfaction, also because it was a gift we wanted to give to the festival. 

-Which is your favorite song in general, a tune that inspire you?

Hard question, there are so many... I guess I'd say Morgan Heritage are one of the bands I appreciate the most, and Alborosie they are two completely different things, Alborosie has more grit and incredible ideas, Morgan Heritage melodies are something incredible where you can only learn from it.

-What are your future projects?

At the end of September (2019) our new album "Sound Good" will be out, which is the album we anticipated here at Rototom. It's a very important album for us, it's our third album but is very different from the other two. With this album we wanted to play with the things we already have and it came out spectacular 

Listen to "feel good" => here

sabato 14 marzo 2020

CDC Festival 2020


Germany's biggest afro-diasporic dance and culture festival CDC Festival is coming back to Berlin at Gemeinschaftshaus Gropiusstadt from April 29th until May 3rd for its second edition; presenting once more its groundbreaking double soul : Culture Dance Camp & Culture Dance Clash.
CDC Festival is offering not only a space for multiple dance styles but also several activities that combine art, cultures and entertainment.

This edition's special surprise is "From Den Till Now", an original dance theatre concept which will be presented for the first time in Europe during CDC Festival. The play was created in Kingston, Jamaica by Dance Xpressionz with the direction of Orville Hall and tells the development of dancehall culture from the pre-mento era to the current sounds of the island through the movement, music and words. "From Den Till Now" started in 2007 and now is a great Jamaican success recognised as the first dance hall musical ever with songs witter exclusively for the piece and recorded by the cast itself. 

46 more days until CDC 2020, in the meanwhile let's enjoy this year's trailer 

Follow CDC Festival on 

lunedì 9 marzo 2020

First artists for OverJam Reggae Festival 2020

The 9th edition of the Slovenian reggae festival, OverJam will return in Tolmin on the banks of the Soča river from the 20th to the 23rd of august.

All the artists that have been announced so far, will be performing for the very first time at the OverJam, the first four name that have been announced are Morgan Heritage for the very first time visiting Slovenia, Anthony B and Hempress Sativa will bring their sunny vibes all the way from Jamaica and last but no least the American Collie Buddz.

Full festival tickets are on sale here. The full festival tickets will be on presale until August 18th, and include access to the event, camping from Thursday 20th to Sunday 23rd, showers, phone charger and online administration fees.

As many might remember we have been to OverJam for the first time in 2018, and left a piece of heart over there, everything was just perfect and we can't wait to live again that amazing experience. OverJam see you soon <3

lunedì 2 marzo 2020

Virtus Interview - Rome, December 2019 -

Hello People,

after many months we are glad to share with you an interview we had the pleasure to make in December 2019, with the Italian singer and producer Virtus . 
Enjoy the interview !

Non abbiamo mai avuto il piacere di incontrarci prima, ti andrebbe di introdurti ai nostri ascoltatori?
-We never had the pleasure to meet, would you like to introduce yourself to our listeners?

  • Ciao a tutti, sono Virtus. Sono un cantante, un produttore e un discografico insieme al mio socio Wufer, che saluto. Ho cominciato come artista e poi con il tempo lavorando con cantanti, artisti e produttori insieme al mio socio abbiamo deciso di fondare l’etichetta RedGoldGreen Label, un lavoro a 360 gradi.
  • Hello everyone I’m Virtus. Im a singer, producer and owner of RedGoldGreen Label together with my associate Wufer. I started as a musician and with the time I started working more and more with singers, musicians and producers thats when Wufer and I decided to found the label. 

-Com’è nata la tua passione per la musica e l’amore per le reggae vibes?
-How did you passions for music, and the love for the reggae vibes started? 

  • La mia passione per la musica nasce da bambino. I miei mi raccontano che registravo su cassette delle melodie senza senso con la voce. Il primo strumento che ho suonato è stata la fisarmonica uno strumento non molto usuale, però con il suo fascino. Poi con il tempo attraverso sopratutto la sperimentazione con il computer ho cominciato a produrre la mia musica. Ricordo che prima ancora di avere il computer mi ero inventato uno stratagemma, avevo due stereo, registravo una traccia poi mettevo uno stereo in play mentre con l’altro registravo quello che usciva dallo stereo più un nuovo strumento e cosi via. Quello è stato il mio primo rudimentale approccio di registrazione poi piano piano nel tempo sono migliorato. Da ragazzino inizialmente ascoltavo musica dance, poi ho avuto il mio periodo rock/metal, ogni tanto il jazz fino ad approdare al reggae che poi successivamente è diventata una parte molto importante della mia vita musicale. Questo è successo durante le vacanze estive. La mia famiglia è di origine calabrese e perciò d’estate avevano cominciato a girare anche al mio paese le cassette dei Sud Sound System e successivamente Gioman e Killacat, a quel punto ho colto la sfida di un amico che mi disse “tu sapresti fare questo tipo di musica?”, io non l’avevo mai fatta. Tornato poi a Roma ho cominciato a sperimentare questo nuovo genere poi da lì ho conosciuto sound systems ho cominciato a far parte di un sound che si chiama Pakkia Crew e suona tutt’ora, un sound molto forte che saluto. Da lì ho iniziato a frequentare la musica reggae e i suoi ambienti, perché una cosa buona della musica reggae è quella di creare socialità fra persone che si ritrovano nelle yard, o nelle dancehall dove si sta insieme, si fa' musica e si condivide una certa cultura e un certo tipo di messaggio. 
  • My passion for music started since I was a kid. I always knew I wanted to make music. My parents tell me that when I was a kid I used to record on tape non sense melodies. The first instrument I played was the accordion, a not so usual but with its charm. Then with the time through the experimentation with the computer I started producing my music. Before I got the computer I remember I had create this system to record my music, I had two stereos I used to record a track on one, and then I would play it while I would record on the other that track and a new instrument and so on. The result was horrible (laughs) but that was my first approach to recording music. I started with listening to dance music e then I slowly started listening to more genres, I had my rock/metal period, jazz until I approached to the Reggae music, that then became a very important part of my life. This happened during a summer holiday, when in my town in southern Italy everybody used to listen to tapes of the SudSoundSystem. Right after there was a tape from Gioman e Killacat, then I somehow accepted the challenge from a friend who told me “Would you be able to make this kind of music ?"When I came back in Rome I started experimenting and then I joined this sound system "Pakkia Crew". From there it started my “living” the reggae music and their venues. One of the good thing about the reggae music, is to create a specific vibe with the people who find themselves in a yard or a dance hall, you stay there all together, making music and sharing the same kind of culture and message. 

-Com’è la scena reggae qui a Roma o comunque in Italia, e le differenze con quella spagnola oppure europea in generale?
-How do you think is the reggae scene here in Rome, or anyway in Italy in general and do you notice any differences between the Italian and the Spanish/ European scene? 

  • E’ una domanda difficile, forse più che per le nazioni dipende dalle situazioni. Perciò in realtà ho visto che ogni luogo ha le sue vibrazioni, molto spesso la tendenza era quella di cominciare dal reggae roots, ragamuffin, e dopo dancehall ma ho visto anche posti in cui il reggae arriva come novità e si parte subito dalla dancehall che e più affine a sonorità di oggi moderne. In Spagna, per quelle che ho visto, ciò che a me piace è questo fare festa, perciò suonano un pò di tutto, lì va molto la dub, però capita che in una serata senti di tutto, quello che invece negli ultimi anni è successo qui in Italia è stata una “ghettizzazione” dei vari sottogeneri, o vai alla serata dub, o a quella dance, o a quella reggae roots, ragamuffin. Questo ha portato a una spaccatura della scena e visto che il pubblico reggae non è come quello della musica house si è un pò frammentato in maniera anche negativa. Negli ultimi tempi la cosa sta cambiando e si torna a suonare un pò tutto il reggae, considerando sia il contenuto che la voglia di divertirsi.
  • It's a complicated question. I think it probably depends more on the situations than the nations. Every place has its vibes. Very often the trend was from Roots Reggae to Ragamuffin and Dancehall which is closer to today's music. In Spain, what I have seen is this love for parties, so the trend is to play this and that. They love Dub music a lot, but they usually play every kind of music. In Italy there's more division, you either go to a dub gathering or dance, or roots reggae or ragamuffin, and this had a rather negative effect. Lately this is changing, and during a party you start listening again different kind of music, considering both content and just the pure fun.

-Parlando appunto di messaggio qual’e’ il messaggio che ti piace passare attraverso le tua canzoni e qual’e’ il messaggio che rende una canzone reggae?
-Talking about messages, which is the message you like to spread in your songs and which you think is the message that makes a song reggae?

  • Ci sono due piani: il messaggio “lessicale” e il messaggio musicale che combinati insieme danno i frutti maggiori.  Per quanto riguarda il testo diciamo che non bisogna essere troppo chiusi perché in realtà a me piace a musica in generale, purche' stia mandando un messaggio di pace e fratellanza, poiché' sicuramente una parte importante del reggae e’ proprio questo, ed e’ cio' che si riflette nelle dancehall, ovvero sentirsi tutti uniti e anche godere della musica e della vita tutti insieme senza distinzioni di razza visto che ultimamente si sono persi un pò questi valori. Sicuramente per quanto mi riguarda è sopratutto una diffusione di una certa positività nella vita e nel saper affrontare le difficoltà. Purtroppo il reggae fra tante altre musiche si chiude un pò fra due/tre temi invece dovremmo riuscire ad affrontare anche temi diversi che sappiano parlare della vita di tutti i giorni. Poi in realtà quello che per me non deve mai mancare in una canzone sono le idee; io sono un amante delle idee e ogni artista deve portare qualcosa di nuovo alla società perciò io voglio sempre sentire in una canzone qualcosa che la rende unica rispetto ad un altra, quest’unicità può essere nel testo perché molto particolare, o nella musica. Perciò se crei una musica potente anche il testo più semplice può creare un qualcosa di grandioso. Quello che non mi piace è sentire sempre le stesse cose, diciamo riciclate, bisogna trovare sempre quella novità, quel qualcosa in più che ti fa dire “vedi quest’artista ha qualcosa di completamente suo”.
  • There are two different aspect to be considered: the lyrics and the music, and when joined you get the best result. In my opinion for what concern the lyrics, you shouldn't be too strict, because I like music in general, it must only give a message of peace and brotherhood, because this is one of the most important aspect of reggae music. You can see this in the dancehall, where everybody dances together regardless your background. Sharing positivity in life to face hardships . Unfortunately reggae music has more limited topics, hardly ever talking about everyday life problems, while for me an important aspect in music is fresh ideas, giving something new to the world. Every song for me should be unique, and this uniqueness can be expressed either in the lyrics or the music. If you have a powerful music even the most simple lyrics can be great. I don't like to listen to the same ideas over and over, I think an artist should always be original.

-Un tuo ricordo come cantante a cui sei particolarmente legato, quella cosa che quando ci pensi ti fa sorridere ?
-A memory or you as a singer ? Something you are strongly attached to, that memory that  makes you smile when you think about it?

  • La cosa più bella se posso dire è il fatto che la musica ti permette di girare, di vedere altri posti, altre culture e altri modi di pensare e ti permette di conoscere persone che riflettono questo tipo di diversità e di trovare l’unita nella diversità, perché ti accorgi che per quanto una persona sia diversa è esattamente come te e questa è la cosa che mi piace di più. A me piace stare in compagnia, ma anche stare da solo e c’è la bellissima parte della musica, che è quella creativa dove te ne stai nel tuo mondo. Poi c’è la parte che ha a che fare con gli altri dove tu condividi quello che fai , dove un artista ha comunque un potere molto forte, la gente “pende” dalle vibes che gli dai. Io mi diverto molto a creare infatti faccio pure lavori di grafica, per me l’importante è creare qualcosa che prima non c’era quello mi da sfogo e mi fa stare bene. Quando sono stato in Messico, sapere che è stata la mia musica a portarmi dall’altra parte del mondo a farmi frequentare persone che vivevano in un modo completamente diverso da me, quella è stata una cosa bellissima. 
  • The most beautiful thing about music is that it allows you to travel, to visit places, get to know different cultures and different ways of thinking, you find unity in diversity, as much a person is different from you as much it is alike. Then I like to be in company, but I also like to be by myself, and in music you have all that time in which you "create" and you are in your own world. Then there is the sharing side, when you are on stage, and you can feel the power of that position, when the audience "hangs from your vibes". I am a creative person, I thrive on creativity, I also work in graphic. Create something makes me feel good. When I have been to Mexico, knowing that my music brought me all around the world to experience a totally different kind of life and culture, well that felt amazing.

-Tu sei sia produttore che proprietario di RedGoldGreen Label, ti andrebbe ti dirci qualcosa in più su questa tua esperienza?
-Would you like to tell us something more about the experience as producer and  owner of RedGoldGreen Label?

  • Questa esperienza nasce da un gruppo di persone che qui a Roma si sono ritrovate insieme perché facevano la stessa musica. RedGoldGreen è l espressione professionale di ciò. Perché dietro ogni canzone c'e' moltissimo lavoro non solo creativo ma anche burocratico. L' idea che un musicista sia solo qualcuno che strimpella uno strumento e' molto riduttiva. RedGoldGreen inoltre, essendo un' etichetta mi permette anche di lavorare come produttore musicale, che e' sempre stata la mia altra passione oltre il cantare.
  • This experience started just as a group of friends that used to meet here in Rome to play the same kind of music. RedGoldGreen is the professional outcome of all this. Because behind every song there is so much work, either creative work but also burocratic work. The idea that a musician it's only someone who strums a guitar is very reductive. Beside this RedGoldGreen, being a label allows me to work also as a producer, which has always been my other passion beside singing.

-Se potessi scegliere un luogo (festival, evento, venue etc..) dove esibirti e un artista con cui cantare chi sceglieresti?
-If you could choose a venue and an artist to perform with who would you choose?

  • Per me è stata una grande emozione cantare al Rototom sunsplash, non ho fatto una mia esibizione completa dunque il mio sogno è quello di tornare al rototom con un mio live e con la mia band. Poi diciamo che qualsiasi luogo dove posso esprimermi va bene .  Negli ultimi tempi, con gli amici che sono anche artisti dell’etichetta, stiamo a casa e suoniamo sempre insieme a volte ci ritroviamo in un locale a suonare davanti un pubblico che nasce cosi nell’ improvvisazione totale. Ecco nessun luogo è veramente importante, è importante la dinamica con cui si crea il pubblico. 
  • Playing at Rototom Sunspalsh has been one of the greatest feeling, but since it wasn't my own exhibition I would love to go there again with my own band for a whole gig. But really for me every place where I can express myself is good. Lately, with my friends, they are all artists produced by my label, we just meet at home to play or in random venue just improvising. It's not about the place, but about the public.

 -Quali sono i piani per il futuro di Virtus come cantante e, se ci puoi spoilerare qualcosa quelli di Virtus come produttore discografico?
-Which are you plans for the future as Virtus the singer and if you can spoiler us something as Virtus the producer?

  • Per quanto riguarda Virtus il cantante sono sempre a lavoro di nuovi singoli, adesso uscirà un riddim prodotto da Chissusenti un sound calabrese di cui dovrei realizzare un lyrics video, per il resto sto preparando quelli che sono i miei singoli su cui punto di più, ne ho almeno due testa per quest’anno per i quali vorrei produrre anche i video clip, poi sono in trattativa per tornare in Messico e forse anche un’altro stato del sud America. Per quanto riguarda RedGoldGreen il riddim di qui parlavo fa’ comunque parte dell’ etichetta, uscirà poi il singolo di un nuovo artista che si chiama Ipergrigio, in arrivo anche delle uscite dalla parte rap abbiamo artisti come gli Studio Illegale, c’e’ Gimbo che è un nostro nuovo artista che sta facendo uscire vari singoli. Sicuramente quello che stiamo cercando di fare con RedGoldGreen è di diventare una realtà sempre più solida e questo passa anche attraverso la collaborazione/lavoro con entità più grandi, come l’ufficio stampa e l’agenzia di booking che le date, perciò il lavoro dell’etichetta e di riuscire a creare intorno ad ogni artista questo tipo di struttura.
  • About Virtus the singer, I'm constantly working on new singles, now I will publish a new riddim produced by Chissusenti, a sound from Calabria (southern Italy) , whom I should do a lyric video, then I'm working on two new singles and video clips, and I hope to be back in Mexico and maybe even South America. As for RedGolgGreen the riddim I was talking about belongs to our label, then there is the new single of Ipergrigio, and some rap release from Studio Illegale, Then we have Gimbo, a new artist, which has many singles ready. What we are trying to do with RedGoldGgreen is to become a strong reality, so we work and collaborate with other bigger entities, such as press agencies and booking agencies. The label has to create such a structure around each new artists it manages.

On behalf of the RQL crew we wish you good luck and the best both as a singer and producer :)!

venerdì 28 febbraio 2020

Vanity Fair, Jannike's new single is out

"Vanity Fair" is the new single form the Finnish singer song-writer Jannike. The single was released today and there will be an official video clip following in the next weeks. 

Vanity Fair comes out in two different versions, including a Latin acoustic version, in this single we can see a new side of Jannike musically and style wise. 

The song is written by Jannike, and Thomas G:son (who also wrote Euphoria by Loreen), Jonas Jensen from Norway and Niklas Rosström and was mixed by Janne Hyöty who also produced the acoustic version. 

"When I wrote the lyrics to Vanity Fair, I had some very specific people that are in my life in mind. You know those "friends" who think you have too high opinions about yourself and also think you should calm dons little and not follow your dreams so much,"  says Jannike

"I mean, it would be so much more fun for all of us if they just joined me on my career ride and were cheering me on, we would all feel better if we would support and encourage each other" continues Jannike

Vanity Fair anticipates Jannike's new album and next single called "Welcome to my life"which will be coming out on may 15th. 

Listen to Vanity Fair => here