lunedì 15 luglio 2019

Rastaplas 2019 : Mellow Mood, New Kingston, Dezarie and more

For the first time this year, we got to cover Rastaplas, one of the many reggae festivals happening in the Netherlands.  The festival is two days long and situated on a beach, in the west side of the country in Zoetermeer. 

The first day of the 16th edition of Rastaplas opened its gates with the dutch band Frontliners, and closed it with the powerful roots reggae Dezarie from the Virgin Island.  When we got to the festival we were “welcomed” by the Jamaican Utan Green, followed by the New Kingston straight from the US, which in my opinion are the cutest thing ever since the band is formed by three bothers and their dad, and last but not least our favorite twins Mellow Mood from Italy

Around 19:30 people started gathering around the main stage, while Reggae Barbie (main stage host) kept the vibes alive with her awesome Dj skills while the twins were doing soundcheck, the more we got close to the actual show time the more people gathered all together under the stage, until the moment they have been announced and got into the stage driving people crazy and ready to dance and sing along.  Personally I could stay hours listening to them and would never get bored, they get me in a happy mood and people told me I have a huge smile when I see them playing. 

A fun fact about Mellow Mood: I started listening to their music around 2015, since 2017 I have been seeing them live every year in different parts of Europe, it felt nice keep the tradition going and see them at least once also in 2019  and in a different country, who knows where in 2020 we will see them perform XD. 

Some words about the festival in general, I liked it ! If you like swimming there is the lake, if you like lying in the sun there is the beach, if you want to play football there is the grass. There are many food points including a vegan/vegetarian one, the festival is very child friendly with activities for kids and not to be underestimate is quite well accessible for people on a wheel chair, so that everyone can enjoy the music and the atmosphere. 

As always the thing I like the most about festivals especially about the reggae ones is the atmosphere you can breath from the second you get close to the gate, everything is peaceful, none is there judging you, people is just there to have fun and enjoy the vibes. Definitely going to visit Rastaplas again next year ;). 

Photos and Article : Gaia Putrino 

lunedì 8 luglio 2019

Shiraz Lane @ On the Rocks -Tuska after party-

The Tuska weekend has been closed by an amazing after party at on the rocks a venue in the center of Helsinki. The band closing the Tuska 2019 journey were DIRT and our lovely boys Shiraz Lane. I have to say there couldn't have been a better choice for closing this amazing weekend.

As some may recall we saw Shiraz Lane for the first time last year in Tuska Festival and a few months after  in Kouvola (you can read the article here), and I have kind of been anxiously waiting to get a chance to see them again.

Shiraz Lane is a band that never leaves you, somehow it gives your peace, and some lyrics can apply pretty easily to almost everyone's lives. Im so happy they crossed our path and that I got to see them last year and made their music a part of my life. 

We cant wait to see and hear what the future has for this amazing boys.

Photos & Article : Gaia Putrino 

martedì 2 luglio 2019

Over 40.000 people for Tuska 2019

As many of you might know our week-end was pretty packed up with heavy metal and 46 bands coming from all over the world.  

The 22nd edition of Tuska festival broke the record of 2018 creating an all time record of 43.000 visitors over the 3 days of the festival. 
On Saturday the festival was completely sold out with 15.000 people. 

This year the festival was a bit different, and things were added to the weekend ; there has been various conferences in the Solmusali area, and there was also an “expo” area with vendors selling music, making tattoos, piercing and many more. 

The other new aspect was Tiny Tuska, an event for children, that took place on Sunday afternoon. More than 500 little moshers turned up with their parents to pass the metal torch on to the next generation.

Some of the bands who filled our weekend were, Amorphis, Opeth, Sam1na, Battle Beast, Anthrax, Lost Society, Jinjer, Behemoth, Delain, Heilung, The Hellacopters and many more. 
We can't forget to mention Slayer on their Final world tour the only festival was Tuska. 

Tuska was as great as we remembered, its not only the music but the atmosphere that all these 43.000 metalheads bring with them.  

Thank you Tuska ! See you in 2020 !!!

lunedì 24 giugno 2019

Bababoom Festival : When, Where and Line up

The 2019 edition of the Bababoom reggae festival, is getting closer and closer only 19 nights until the beginning of a week full of music and night walk on the beach.

When : from July the 13th to July the 20th 
Where : In Fermo 

About the line up : there will be 4 stages and

On the main stage, we will have

Costa Klan
Johnny Marsiglia
Do Your Thang
Lion D
Adriano Bono
Wicked Dub Division & Michela Grena
Forelock & Arawak
Morgan Heritage
Jemere Morgan
Acsel & The Reggae Rebel Band
Sud Sound System
Johnny Osbourne
La Banda di Montepacini

On the Dub area :

Mungo’s Hi Fi & Eva Lazarus
King Shiloh Sound System
Channel One
Paolo Baldini Dub Files meets LO, Jules I & Jacob
Double Spliff Sound System 
I-Tal Soup ft. Junior Dread
Dennis Capra ft. Danman
Black Omolo
Shashemane SoulJahs

 On the Beach Yard :

Shabadà Sound System
Dancehall area
Mr Joint
Zizze The Happy Selecta
Caligula Sound
Labo Sound ls Raina
Pakkia Crew
Shanty Crew
Northern Lights

You can still grab your tickets  => here 

lunedì 10 giugno 2019

The Rockfest 2019

At the dawn of the day after of an event as special as the Rockfest, you are at the same time out of words (for the amazement) and full of them ( to share ).
So first things first.
An overflowing gratitude for the Rockfest organization who trusted us once again to collaborate with them and for organizing such a special get together of possibly the best Rock bands to be found in the past, present and future of Rock music.
But now let's mention a few scattered names just to give you a taste of what it has been.
Blind Channel, powerful, amazing, ever growing. We've been following them since their debut and watch them now at the Perkele stage set the audience on fire has been an experience on their own. The future of rock looks shining bright in this perspective. And again, from the same stage, Kotiteollisus, 69eyes and many more. Great vibes.
Lordi, Within Temptation, Slipknot, Amaranthe, Disturbed. The epic, powerful present.
And finally, Ugly Kid Joe, Def Leppard, Kiss. A more mature audience for the Valhalla of Rock. Those who made history. Those who made all of this possible. In front of such top performer we can only bow, dance, go crazy and maybe shed some melancholic tears when reading on Kiss official t-shirt  "the last tour ever, the end of the road".
But let me tell you my friends, this Road will never end, since this is our stairway to heaven.

Blind Channel meet meeting fans

On the Stage


As the sun was at its lowest in the nightless northern night we waved our last goodbye to Rockfest.
'Til next year for a new edition !