venerdì 24 maggio 2019

Train To Roots New Sigle "OI" (RunIT Agency press release)

Roots reggae speaks Sardinian: Train To Roots present a new single entitled "Oi"


Just a few weeks after the release of their latest single Denaro, the prolific Train To Roots return with a video clip for Oi, a new song sung in the language most dear to them, Sardinian. This is the second signpost for their upcoming album due in autumn.
Oi deals with the issue of discrimination, as Bujumannu, voice of Train To Roots and co-author of the song with Papant'ò, explains: "I met refugees and talked with them, listened to them and their stories, desperate and full of pain. Every human being has the right to live in peace and harmony and not to feel alone and abandoned, these are rights that do not have and should not have a color. We all have the same blood, which is a bright red color and we all have the duty to open our hearts to a lonely, desperate person who dreams of peace and living a dignified life".
This strong message is a clear call from the band "to the conscience of everyone to the search within for the reasons that led to our current decline, starting with the powerful and the politicians that we allowed to govern and decide for our countries' future. They are abandoning us and pitting us against each other: poor against the poorest, desperate against the desperate, a game based on evil and the lack of respect for the humanity and the planet's defensive laws ”.
The single, released on May 20, is on sale via all digital platforms, while the video is available on YouTube.

martedì 7 maggio 2019

CDC Festival 2019

Hello people ! 

Have you ever heard of CDC Festival ? You are in the right place to discover about it ;). 

CDC festival is the biggest event of Afro-diasporic street dance culture in Germany ; the event will take place quite soon (so ya better hurry up in registering yourself)  in Gemeinschaftshaus Gropiusstadt in Berlin, from the 29th till the 2nd of June. 

CDC Festival, is a concept originate from the merge of two successful dance events: "top up dancehall camp" and "Cypher Dance Championship" organised by Top Up production and M.I.K. Family. 

Top Up production is a team of  six determined young women whose mission is to spread the Jamaican  dancehall culture vibes. 

M.I.K. was founded as dance crew in Berlin in 2006, today they are much more than “only” a dance crew. From social work, dance theatre, TV shows, modelling, DJ-ing to dance classes and organizing own events, the name is worldwide known. 

Workshops, show contests, dance battles, parties, conference, showcase, and above all, VIBES is what makes this event so special.

CDC Program 
Dance Culture camp
with 16 open level classes, the CDC festival offers a broad choice among different disciplines and styles, with teachers from all around the world.

The Dance Culture Clash 
and the “Culture Concept” are a fundamental part of the event. On June, 1st the Dance Culture Clash will welcome international talents and teams battling in several categories

CDC Festival Conference
A culture festival can’t miss the chance to promote knowledge and deepen aspects related to its focus and content.
This year the panel has been built around the idea of promoting and analysing dance as a space where relations originate.

More informations about the program and the festival => here 

giovedì 25 aprile 2019

Julian Marley interview - Rototom Sunsplash 2018 -

Hello People !

Still a few months to go before Rototom Sunsplash will start again, so why not bringing it closer by sharing a nice interview from last year's edition ?! 

Here we are with the interview we had with Julian Marley, yes one of the legend Bob Marley's son. Fun fact : Julian has been the first artist coming from outside Finland we interview, during his europen tour in 2016, in Sweden ; is fun to look back and see how far we have come. 

So here it is ! Enjoy ! 

Bless Julian ! How were the vibes tonight ?

Great vibes ! Overwehlming vibes of joy !

Was this your first time here in Rototom ?

-It was the first time here in Spain, we played already in Rototom when it was in Italy.

How it was to perform again in Rototom after such a long time ?

-I enjoyed it like any other time. I played some new songs and it was so nice to see people react to them.

We met two years ago after your gig in Stockholm. What happened since then? Have you been working on a new album ?

-Yes ! The new album is finished and it is called " As I am ". (E.d. the album was released on the 25th on January).

What inspired you to make this album ?

-Well, inspiration comes from the love of the music, the love of life, the love of the world and of the people. "As I am " I think describes itself, whatever gives inspiration, what I am giving people through music. " As I am " has got a lot of different songs, like Cooling in Jamaica or Broken Sails, which is about how the world it is today. Today the world is like a ship without sails, just flowing and we can't get to know the destination. So now we're gonna need some sails.

How was to perform these new songs tonight ?

-Oh! It was nice, beautiful. We enjoyed it.

 Thank you Julian for taking your time to answer our questions. Bless !

You can listen to the album "as I am" => here

mercoledì 3 aprile 2019

Wicked Dub Division live @ Acrobax (Rome,Italy)

Hello people !

Last Saturday we got to cover our first event in Rome, it was pretty exciting. 
We are talking about the Wicked dub Division meets North east Ska Jazz orchestra performing at Acrobax.

Wiked dub division is a project born in Pordenone (Italy), it started in 2014 out of the union of two well known names of the Italian dub scene, Michela Grena the voice of B.R. Stylers and Wiked Dub Division, the dub trio that has been active for already 10 years. 
North East Ska Jazz Orchestra, is a young reality born in 2012, with the wish of getting together many artists, from north east Italy, they are already active in spreading the Jamaican vibes.

Going back on the evening ; everything was pretty awesome, the night started with the Radio Torre sound System, which put the people in a good mood.
Around midnight the stage was filled with more than 10 musicians, all enjoying what they were playing and it was clearly visible they all loved what they were doing. The voices that filled the Acrobax were from the great and super amazing Michela Grena, Rosa Mussin and the fabulous Freddy Frenzy. 

Useless to say people went crazy, they were all dancing and moving in rhythm with the music, not bad for being the first even here in Rome, we are really looking forward to the next events.

P.s. we also got the chance to have a chat with Michela Grena, stay tuned because in the next days we will publish the interview ;) !

mercoledì 13 marzo 2019

Attila releases new single and video ; Smile and Troubles

Attila announces new album, released first single and video "Smile and Troubles" 

Describing the origins of this track Attila says " this was the tune that pushed me to work on the album. For this reason in became the title track and first single : it fully represent my understanding of message music" 

Smiles and troubles, is the first single and title track from Attila's new album. Both the video and the single were released last on march the 8th. 

The Italian singjay is back with a new project, whose release day will be announced soon.

Attila has built the entire album around the concept of "smiles and troubles" - the balance between joy and hardship - able to narrate and denounce the daily struggles fro survival. At the same time it celebrates the ability to overcome hostile conditions, smile at the simple things and have empathy and solidarity with those who are fighting for a better life. 

The video's bolster Attila's lyrics with the faces and expressions of the characters who took part in its realisation. There are friends and special guests - like the Italian rapper Ensi and Egreen - but also many bystanders who joined the shoot spontaneously.

Some unusual props were used during the shoot, the life jackets in particular communicate a very specific message. The take a stance against certain type of rhetoric which accuses and supports a public debate full of hate and racism. 

"In support of the "Refugees welcome" message, we want to help those who offer real assistance. For this reason, we want to highlight the work of Baobab Experience ; an Italian  project which offers food, medical care, overnight accommodation and legal assistance for migrants. If you would like to support the volunteers at Baobab Experience, you can donate here . "

Listen to the song on Spotify => here 

And here is the video :

domenica 10 marzo 2019

SumeRR presents her new single and video "Old School"

In occasion of the International Women Day, we want to present you "Old School" the new single from the beautiful and talented Jamaican singer SumeRR.

This single is the first excerpt from the forthcoming debut album by Tressan Barnett, born in Mendeville (Jamaica) but resident in Tenerife (Spain). 

On her arrival to Spain SumeRR reached out to the veteran Ras Kuko, who by the way we got to meet and talk about his project "Reggae can help" during the last edition of Rototom Sunsplash, who helm the musical and excutive production of "Old School" 

The single "Old School" represents a beginning, a journey of sorts through the artist's origins. It's a demonstration of the multiple registers and styles among which SumeRR moves with ease : roots, dancehall, should, rap... all without ever loosing sight of her Jamaican roots.

On a sweet and powerful reggae riddim produced by Ras Kuko, with a taste of the past, the singer shows her versatile voice, able to pass from the enveloping melody of the refrain to the energy and originality that hardens the verses of "Old School". 

In this song SumeRR shows her essence, characterised by a voice as catchy as her presence on stage and by the freshness and boldness characteristic of Jamaican music. 

The video clip that accompanies the single tells a story of love "old style" starring SumeRR herself .

The song is available on all digital platforms.

martedì 5 marzo 2019

Rototom Sunsplash 2019 - First line up announcements -

Rototom 2019, is getting closer and we couldn't be happier, Rototom is home, the place where we always feel welcome and we can't wait to be there again this year.

We already knew the dates for this year's edition since the second we left the festival ended, which are from the 16th till the 22nd of august ; but now that we have also the first line up announcements everything feels more realistic.

We already have 23 artists who will bring the sound to the 26th edition of Rototom Sunsplash.
On the crest of this first announcement there are 3 Jamaican musical aces ; starting with Ziggy Marley,  and joining him is the modern reggae crown Chronixx -with Rototom being his only date in Spain- and Busy Signal who has accompanied Major Lazer with his sharp verser and who will return to Benicassim after 5 years.

To follow on the main stage we have the legendary Israel Vibration, Queen Ifrica, Marcia Griffiths, Brinsley Forde & Dennis Bovell present Babylon Soundtrack, Iseo & Dodosound with The mousehunters and last but not least l' Entourloop ft Troy Berkley & N' zeng.

For the Lion Stage we have our favorite guys O.B.F. & The A1 crew ft Charlie P, Sr Wilson and Shanti D,  The New York ska-jazz ensemble, Naaman, Lila Iké, Gentlesman's dub club, Marina P & Stand high patrol, Emeterians & Forward ever band, Tairo & The family band, Itaca band and Dub Ambassadors

For concluding this first announcement Stylo G and Renaissace will take care of making us dance in the dancehall area and the Iration Steppas will make us dub till late in the dub area.

Let's say that this announcement was pretty HOT and of course made our week a bit nicer. And lets wait all together the next announcements.... ;)