lunedì 10 giugno 2019

The Rockfest 2019

At the dawn of the day after of an event as special as the Rockfest, you are at the same time out of words (for the amazement) and full of them ( to share ).
So first things first.
An overflowing gratitude for the Rockfest organization who trusted us once again to collaborate with them and for organizing such a special get together of possibly the best Rock bands to be found in the past, present and future of Rock music.
But now let's mention a few scattered names just to give you a taste of what it has been.
Blind Channel, powerful, amazing, ever growing. We've been following them since their debut and watch them now at the Perkele stage set the audience on fire has been an experience on their own. The future of rock looks shining bright in this perspective. And again, from the same stage, Kotiteollisus, 69eyes and many more. Great vibes.
Lordi, Within Temptation, Slipknot, Amaranthe, Disturbed. The epic, powerful present.
And finally, Ugly Kid Joe, Def Leppard, Kiss. A more mature audience for the Valhalla of Rock. Those who made history. Those who made all of this possible. In front of such top performer we can only bow, dance, go crazy and maybe shed some melancholic tears when reading on Kiss official t-shirt  "the last tour ever, the end of the road".
But let me tell you my friends, this Road will never end, since this is our stairway to heaven.

Blind Channel meet meeting fans

On the Stage


As the sun was at its lowest in the nightless northern night we waved our last goodbye to Rockfest.
'Til next year for a new edition !

giovedì 6 giugno 2019

Rockfest 2019 : when, where and line up

Hello People,
is the that time of the year again, when a few thousands of people gather in Hyvinkaa Airfield for the even of the year : ROCKFEST ! 

We have participated to Rockfest for the first time last year, and we are happy to say we will partecipate again this year. 

Rockfest will take place from the 7th to the 9th of June (this weekend) in Hyvinkaa airfield, there are still a few tickets left and you can purchase them here.

The line up this year is quite amazing ; Kiss, Slipknot, Lordi, Def Leppard, Within Temptation, Amaranthe, Blind Channel and many more. 

Below you can find the schedule with all the timetables for each day and also you can watch the 2018 official after movie => here

Are you ready for these 4 days full of rock ?!?!

See you there ;) 

giovedì 30 maggio 2019

CDC festival 2019 has started !

People in Germany ! 

Yesterday the biggest event of Afro-diasporic street dance culture in Germany has started ; and it will go on until the 2nd of June, in Gemeinschaftshaus Gropiusstadt in Berlin. 

Tonight, actually in about 40 minutes, there will be a CDC conference with the professor Donne P. Hope who is back at CDC for the second time. Donna is a professor at the university of the west Indies (Kingston, JAM) found of the dancehall archive and research initiative and author of many publications which can be considered milestones in the field. 

From the instagram stories on the CDC account feels like the event is an amazing thing, and I hope next year RQL will be able to join the event physically, but in the meanwhile we will enjoy it from here.

mercoledì 29 maggio 2019

Overjam 2019: When, Where and Line up

Hello people !

The 8th edition of OverJam reggae festival has its complete lineup. 

As many of you may remember last year was our first time at Overjam, and it felt like heaven, a music festival in the woods with a clear water river surrounding it, where everyone is nice and kind to other.

The festival will take place in Tolmin ( Slovenia) on the banks of the Soča River, this year the festival will be from the 15th to the 18th of august. 

Last year's line up was pretty awesome and also this year's lineup is pretty hot ;).

Alborosie & Shengen Clan, Israel Vibration ,Queen IfricaJunior Kelly, Ward 21, Zion Train, Cali P,  Lion D stand out from a list of more than 40 international artists.
On the beach stage, there will be dj sessions with some historical friends of Overjam along with new additions. The extra musical programming will maintain the usual meetings of the University, courses and workshops, children's area and the market, together with a wide variety of cuisines.
This year, Overjam extends its commitment to the environment, especially with the use of recyclable and biodegradable materials and an increase of vegan food on offer. Due to the presence in previous editions of abandoned tents in the campsite area, there is the option of renting a 'Kartent', already assembled and ready to enter, 100% recyclable and fully prepared to resist the sun and rain.
You can get the full festival tickets (€ 100 + commission) and daily tickets (€ 39 + commission) here 
More informations available from

venerdì 24 maggio 2019

Train To Roots New Sigle "OI" (RunIT Agency press release)

Roots reggae speaks Sardinian: Train To Roots present a new single entitled "Oi"


Just a few weeks after the release of their latest single Denaro, the prolific Train To Roots return with a video clip for Oi, a new song sung in the language most dear to them, Sardinian. This is the second signpost for their upcoming album due in autumn.
Oi deals with the issue of discrimination, as Bujumannu, voice of Train To Roots and co-author of the song with Papant'ò, explains: "I met refugees and talked with them, listened to them and their stories, desperate and full of pain. Every human being has the right to live in peace and harmony and not to feel alone and abandoned, these are rights that do not have and should not have a color. We all have the same blood, which is a bright red color and we all have the duty to open our hearts to a lonely, desperate person who dreams of peace and living a dignified life".
This strong message is a clear call from the band "to the conscience of everyone to the search within for the reasons that led to our current decline, starting with the powerful and the politicians that we allowed to govern and decide for our countries' future. They are abandoning us and pitting us against each other: poor against the poorest, desperate against the desperate, a game based on evil and the lack of respect for the humanity and the planet's defensive laws ”.
The single, released on May 20, is on sale via all digital platforms, while the video is available on YouTube.

martedì 7 maggio 2019

CDC Festival 2019

Hello people ! 

Have you ever heard of CDC Festival ? You are in the right place to discover about it ;). 

CDC festival is the biggest event of Afro-diasporic street dance culture in Germany ; the event will take place quite soon (so ya better hurry up in registering yourself)  in Gemeinschaftshaus Gropiusstadt in Berlin, from the 29th till the 2nd of June. 

CDC Festival, is a concept originate from the merge of two successful dance events: "top up dancehall camp" and "Cypher Dance Championship" organised by Top Up production and M.I.K. Family. 

Top Up production is a team of  six determined young women whose mission is to spread the Jamaican  dancehall culture vibes. 

M.I.K. was founded as dance crew in Berlin in 2006, today they are much more than “only” a dance crew. From social work, dance theatre, TV shows, modelling, DJ-ing to dance classes and organizing own events, the name is worldwide known. 

Workshops, show contests, dance battles, parties, conference, showcase, and above all, VIBES is what makes this event so special.

CDC Program 
Dance Culture camp
with 16 open level classes, the CDC festival offers a broad choice among different disciplines and styles, with teachers from all around the world.

The Dance Culture Clash 
and the “Culture Concept” are a fundamental part of the event. On June, 1st the Dance Culture Clash will welcome international talents and teams battling in several categories

CDC Festival Conference
A culture festival can’t miss the chance to promote knowledge and deepen aspects related to its focus and content.
This year the panel has been built around the idea of promoting and analysing dance as a space where relations originate.

More informations about the program and the festival => here 

giovedì 25 aprile 2019

Julian Marley interview - Rototom Sunsplash 2018 -

Hello People !

Still a few months to go before Rototom Sunsplash will start again, so why not bringing it closer by sharing a nice interview from last year's edition ?! 

Here we are with the interview we had with Julian Marley, yes one of the legend Bob Marley's son. Fun fact : Julian has been the first artist coming from outside Finland we interview, during his europen tour in 2016, in Sweden ; is fun to look back and see how far we have come. 

So here it is ! Enjoy ! 

Bless Julian ! How were the vibes tonight ?

Great vibes ! Overwehlming vibes of joy !

Was this your first time here in Rototom ?

-It was the first time here in Spain, we played already in Rototom when it was in Italy.

How it was to perform again in Rototom after such a long time ?

-I enjoyed it like any other time. I played some new songs and it was so nice to see people react to them.

We met two years ago after your gig in Stockholm. What happened since then? Have you been working on a new album ?

-Yes ! The new album is finished and it is called " As I am ". (E.d. the album was released on the 25th on January).

What inspired you to make this album ?

-Well, inspiration comes from the love of the music, the love of life, the love of the world and of the people. "As I am " I think describes itself, whatever gives inspiration, what I am giving people through music. " As I am " has got a lot of different songs, like Cooling in Jamaica or Broken Sails, which is about how the world it is today. Today the world is like a ship without sails, just flowing and we can't get to know the destination. So now we're gonna need some sails.

How was to perform these new songs tonight ?

-Oh! It was nice, beautiful. We enjoyed it.

 Thank you Julian for taking your time to answer our questions. Bless !

You can listen to the album "as I am" => here